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    Hello, I was talking to this guy for over a year..we finally met and made plans and went out on our own. He talked to me after that and we were gonna make other plans to hangout but all of a sudden I didnt hear from him anymore its like he started talking to me less and less. What happened? I thought he liked me atleast thats what I was told.

    I also have one more question..I am very confused of what to do about work..I want to leave the place I work but I dont want to regret leaving in fear of something better may come along within the company..I am not sure what to do and if I leave I dont even know where I want to work...

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    I'm no expert...believe me...but I think that a guy like that who just talks less and less doesnt know what he's missing...a guy should like you for who you are..if he didnt like you..then thats his problem... People can say "O I like you.." bu tthey may not mean it...I don't mean to be frank, but it seems liek thats what happened.... About the job.. I dont know what you do...but I think its best to be sure that you have another place to work at, because what are you going to when you're unemployed...? I think you just need a little more time to think about it... and I'm sure that something better will come just need to look harder...maybe you're looking in the wrong place....

    bye!! :)

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