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Discussion in 'Gay' started by IDpeace, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Hi my name is Johnny...i'm 21 years old, i live with my boyfriend but i guess i can call him a boyfriend... i'm a shame of being gay, i'm shy of having sex, i have personal life issue...and i'm happy but also sad...

    relationship issues: i cant live without my boyfriend... he's married and he have a son..and he loved me but of course i love him but just cant.. i dont know what to do..and if i move from him i dont have a reason to live cause i got nothing no friend no family...i dont know what to do..please give me some advice..i'm 21 he's 36 and we live together for 4 years and i met his wife
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    what are you side show bob to him?
    you met his wife? Does she know your his side show bob?
    whats the deal, if you lived with him for 4 years..
    hes clearly Bi, and dont want to leave her or does he?
    go find a new bf..
  3. not_sad

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    You are together since you are 17 and you still don't feel comfortable about being gay?
    Ask yourself why you are ashamed of being gay.

    Is he still with his wife together? I mean, are their married for real or only on the paper?

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