Regressing with new puppy?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Maggie Sugar, May 15, 2004.

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    Two weeks ago today we got a new puppy. Now anyone who has had a puppy knows that although it is NOTHING like having a new baby, it IS a lot of work. Our Malamute puppy came from a large litter and was really missing his mama and brothers and sisters. We have had four dogs, so we know the hard nights with a new puppy, but this one was especially hard, as he cried a lot at night for the first week or more. We also have a situation where our yard is not connected to our back door, so a rather long walk down the two decks and across the sidewalk is required to get him into the yard, and our yard is much too large to leave him out there for even a minute. So at least once an hour, one of us is out there teaching him to go "Outsidepotty!" He is actually doing quite well, and got the hang of potty training almost immediately. He has only had one poop in the house, and a few pees.

    The trouble is Sage (4 years old.) Can a child regress due to a puppy in the family? In the past week or so she has had a pee accident every day, she had one poop accident (which has never happened before) she has asked to nurse a few times (although she is weaned) and has been crying for me to stay with her after she is tucked into bed, when she was doing really well at bedtime for a long time before. I think it is due to a lack of attention. She pretends she is a puppy and nips at our family and I think she may feel displaced. She LOVES the puppy, but I don't know if I have ever heard of a child regressing when one was introduced into the family. It seems entirely possible.

    I know this will pass. But I love my baby girl, and feel bad that she is stressed. I have been trying to give her extra attention, but she claims that is not the problem. The pee accidents may well also be due to the fact that she is so engrossed with the puppy that she doesn't want to stop playing with him to pee. One of the good things is, the TV has rarely been on since Sweetness Pupcakes has joined our family, because we are so busy with him and the readying the property for spring gardening.

    Thanks for listening.


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    Can't really offer any advice. Just that I hear ya, hang in there and you're right it will pass.

    *Super huge hugs* :D


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    Well, I guess you're babying the puppy because you have to and she doesn't feel like the baby anymore....all you can really do is wait until it's not a puppy anymore and doesn't need so much pampering... Also, giving her a bigger role in taking care of the dog might help...she's feel like she's more a part of it instead of competition.. :)

    I don't know. I'm just guessing. :)
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    I agree with HappyHaHa. To a 4 yr old, I don't think it matters if you got a new baby, dog, or anything. It is something that you are giving more attention to than her. Once the puppy gets more independent, things should be fine.

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