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    Can I experiment smoking Salvia in other ways? I mainy use a water pipe but I seem to go way to big with it. I have a regualer pipe, should I try that? Can I use the tin foil method? Putting a little 10x on the tinfoil and waiting for it to smoke and then inhailing through a straw? Just trying to get this right. THanks

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    yes yes yes

    you can smoke it in a pipe
    with some foil is fine.
    even a corn cob pipe with foil is fine.
    i am using a tiny little glass pipe and regular lighter.
    it was hard to make a screen fit so I took a strip off of a larger pipe screen, adn twisted it into the hole, excellent.
    I find the fewer mechanical contraptions and the smaller the pipe the more comfortable I am with it lying around or with putting it away right after inhaling.
    fancy pipes and big pipes are a huge challenge to my IQ after even 1 hoot of 10x.

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