Red / Ginger Pubic hair?

Discussion in 'Genitalia' started by ExtremePhoenix, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. What's the general thoughts of guys and girls with red / ginger pubic hair on here? Plus has anyone got them, what do you think?
  2. dangermoose

    dangermoose Is a daddy

    I have em, but ain't much of a fan. Its too light, so when i trim it up, it sometimes looks like i've shaved it all off!
    now i do enjoy the fact that my beard is red
  3. tigerlily

    tigerlily proud mama

    i love your light pubes ^ it's different
  4. steveintn99

    steveintn99 Member

    mine are and i have never had any complates about them i do keep it trimmed and my cock and balls shaved.i love red hed women and there sexy hair
  5. Reds are hell sexy!
  6. I always hated my red hair. But my boy likes it... so I don't know. I just think my little red landing strip looks odd, wish it was black... but I shaved it one time and boy was my man upset..
  7. I think red hair on women doesn't have the same negative feeling, than red hair on a men.
  8. LJDV

    LJDV Member

    Red hair is awesome! Especially when it's pubes!!! I find it so sexy when a guy has red hair down there. Red heads are sexy!
  9. jacobfredjo

    jacobfredjo Senior Member

    red headed woman are so incredibly sexy, especially "down there". Dont know why, but theres somethin about red love boxes that are extremely attractive and sensual
  10. crazy daisey

    crazy daisey Member

    here here. i have red hair and im not pale but i have rosy cheeks and freckles.

    i think us red heads act, smell, and taste diffrent then girls with other colours...i know because guys have allways told me so.
    my bloke is crrraaazy over me and if i was to die my hair blonde or dark, he would be less attracted to me. i know that sounds sad but i think we should be as attractive as possible for our partners and vice versa.

    there is a wildness and fire about me and i know men are attracted to me. i dont have a good figure but i do have a little magick and its because i have lovley hair.

    down there is the same as the first post, im not hairy at all so i have to be very slip and they would be all gone.
  11. thomasfromoz

    thomasfromoz Member

    I've got red pubes and the girls always seemed to love it!something different I guess...

    I shaved for a while, but have let them grow back, and theyr very very red now!

    My fiance loves them tho, esp how theyre more red than the hair on my head!
  12. Tim Oliver

    Tim Oliver Member

    I'm rather fascinated with red hair, and pubes. I was told by a hairdresser friend, that all natural blondes have red or ginger-colored pubes. I find that's true with redheads, as well. They don't always have the, so-called, "fire crotch", but it will be shades of red, or ginger.
  13. *Andy*

    *Andy* Senior Member

    They look pretty odd, but they don't really bother me.
  14. tbma

    tbma Guest

    my high school girlfriend was a redhead and for about a year she shaved completely clean so i never got to see her pubes but was always interested. eventually i convinced her to grow them out a bit and found it incredibly sexy when she did.
  15. rover422000

    rover422000 Member

    Red pubic hair drives me crazy but so far had only one girl who had a red haired pussy neatly trimmed. mmmmm
  16. jamaican_youth

    jamaican_youth Senior Member

    What do you think is more rare, blonde or red pubic hair? I think blonde is actually, I've been with one girl who was a natural blonde, but then again a lot were shaved, so who knows.

    Red pubic hair on a girl is hot. Redheads, love them, you know they say they might die out in about 100 years, because it's such a rare gene, and recessive, and a bunch of other factors.
  17. ZeroxBleach

    ZeroxBleach Member

    Too bad us Red heads are going extinct.

    Of course that'll be in like 150 years, but still...
  18. brack1936

    brack1936 Member Lifetime Supporter

    Yes .... be careful around campfires :)
  19. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    I have grey hair, and high proportion of my pubic hairs also come through grey, which is just one of the reasons I choose to keep them shaved.
  20. profezzor_x

    profezzor_x Member

    I've always wanted to fuck the brains out of a redhead... But they are very hard to find, let alone single.

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