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    have your ever seen that one episoad of penn and tellers Bullshit on showtime

    the one about how the government is lieing to us about recycleing helping the earth...but its really costing us more money ....and producing more energy and wast

    and they say that 1000 years of americas trash if land filled insted of recycled could fit in a small 35 by 35 mi plot...

    this episoad really intrigued me...its sorta like the government is brainwashing us...

    but i belive that soon the recycling industry will be refined and will be cheeper and produce less energy

    heres the web site for that episoad

    ive been thinking about boycotting recycleing ...but i dont have all the facts yet
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    yeah, interesting concept

    so is it better for the planet to use up more energy/resources to keep things out of landfill, or should we just keep consuming and using energy/resources and creating pollution to create new products?


    and this is gonna be really radical...

    maybe we need to seriously rethink our rampant consumerism and find a new model upon which to base our society

    ps, i think "they say that 1000 years of americas trash if land filled insted of recycled could fit in a small 35 by 35 mi plot" that's a really small estimate.
  3. an average american produces 5-6 lbs of trash per day.... that's a lot

    it takes something like an order of magnitude or two less energy to use recycled aluminum then to make more because the extraction process of aluminum involves mass electricity

    what about resources that there are just no more of after a certain point?

    we can recycle plastics that are made from petrochemicals, that saves oil

    and fuck energy, with nuclear reactors and a few particle accelerators we have energy forever, we just need a way to deal with that waste that isn't stupid

    penn and teller are idiots, and so are the folk who do their research

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