Discussion in 'Recycling' started by Fractual_, May 15, 2004.

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    Recycling is the only way to reduce how much we put into out landfils- other than making concious efforts to buy products with less packing.. all kinds of tips are posted here. Anyways, some places have resorted to dumping their trash into the ocean after mulching it up. How gross to think about what it is doing our our oceans.
  2. hippie_chick666

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    I am glad that IU is such an enviromentally friendly school, well, as much as they can be. They try to promote recycling by putting recycling bins everywhere on campus. I think the geology building is the most enviromentally friendly building b/c for every trash can, there's like 4 recycling bins. It still amazes me when some people throw away bottles when there's a recycling bin 2 feet away.

    Peace and love

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