Recurring zombie husband dream...???

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by FireflyInTheDark, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. FireflyInTheDark

    FireflyInTheDark Sell-out with a Heart of Gold

    I don't know why, but this is the second time in a row I have awoke from a dream in which I am married to a zombie.
    In the first, there is an zombie epidemic where some people that are infected become blood-thirsty beasts and others just look like zombies- their skin color is a little off, but their mind remains intact. Well, it turns out that the normal people are just killing all of them, whether they are cognizant or not, and while I am hiding in a closet, one of the persecuted zombies runs into my house and hops in the closet with me, not knowing I am there.
    He is a scrawny thing with red hair- complete opposite of my bf irl (in other wirds, not the sort of thing I would find attractive). When he sees me, he's terrified and shrinks back into the corner, but I tell him I'm not going to hurt him. When we come out of the closet, we find that (of course) someone has taken up the pro-zombie cause, capturing or killing the "bad" zombies and fighting for the rights of the "good zombies."
    So naturally, we get married...:rolleyes:
    Cut to next dream: Someone has turned my zombie husband dumb! Or maybe his brain is just deteriorating because technically he's dead... Anyway, someone gets ahold of him and tries to turn him against me (I would assume whatever mad scientist started the plague in the first place). He tries to kill me, until I remind him that I'm his wife. He remembers and brings me flowers at work to make up for it ("sorry I tried to kill you, derrr"), except he's carrying the bouquet in his mouth like a dog. I remember thinking, "haha, cute." Then I woke up.
    It's not so random. We were watching movies the other night and saw a preview for the movie Fido (click for an explanation: ), and I guess somehow it just got ingrained in my brain...

    Anything else this could mean? Other than I have a fucked up mind and I will apparently screw anything living or dead? :cheers2:
  2. Those are some great dreams. Zombies are the best.
  3. Tuktuk08

    Tuktuk08 Member

    lol how do you remember your dreams so well? When i wake up after a dream I usually forget about it 5 minutes later.

    Maybe it's telling you that you dating the wrong person, or maybe it's just another one of those weird dreams with no interpretation.....
  4. FireflyInTheDark

    FireflyInTheDark Sell-out with a Heart of Gold

    I've been practicing, lol.
    Like last night, I dreamed I killed Samuel L. Jackson by shaking him too hard...
  5. liquidlight

    liquidlight Senior Member

    The fact this zombie becomes your partner and you marry him suggests that you are coming to terms with something about yourself you may have shut away (in the closet of the unconcious... where we keep our skeletons), ignored or not looked at ... denied in other words. It could be something you have found unattractive (zombie) in people before now (hence you didn't wish to see it in yourself either) ... but you spent some time in the closet with this aspect of yourself, came to understand it and 'came out' (of the closet) now unashamed of this part of you.

    The second dream ... it seems you're still having a few issues with this aspect of yourself (whatever it is) and perhaps feel it is threatening or dangerous (to your sense of who you are .. your idea of who you are or your self image) ... in other words your ego didn't like it and started making it into an undesirable ... a monster, a threat again but you reminded yourself it was a part of you (you reminded it you were it's wife ... that you were both together) and it loses it's scaryness again (becoming like a pet and giving you flowers).
  6. blackcat666

    blackcat666 Senior Member

    i have red hair (arburn) and, some years back i had a recurring nightmare where i dreamt, i was walking through a forest, and i came upon a sealed cave. i am able to open it up and i walk inside; the cave turns out to be a tomb. on a slab is a cadaver. it is an extremly old rotting corpse. i'm standing there looking down at its face, its eyes open and look at me. i realize that this cadaver is me. it grabs me and i and the cadaver merge into one.
    i'm now a walking rotting corpse, then, i wake up.

    you might want to checkout fido, it is a good movie.
  7. FireflyInTheDark

    FireflyInTheDark Sell-out with a Heart of Gold

    That's an interesting interpretation, liquidlight. I guess I'll have to do some soul-searching. ;)

    Ahahaha, blackcat I guess that means we're soulmates... :p
    Oh shit, now I've got TWO. :eek:
  8. liquidlight

    liquidlight Senior Member

    Zombies are people too!

    Often, monsters in dreams are only monsters because we fear them in some way. One of my life struggles is about coming to terms with the physical world and my physical self ... and my animal nature ... issues with survival and sexuality. I had a dream not long ago in which i was being chased by a huge monstrous ravenous wolf like beast. I escaped it by climbing up into the roofspace of a barn where i was out of it's reach (the roofspace, to me, representing my higher or spiritual nature) It went away and shortly afterwards reappeard with it's owner ... but it was no longer a beast but a dog. The owner reassured me it was quite friendly and harmless and the dream ended with me making friends with this dog and petting it and it licking my face and stuff.

    Simply about coming to terms with some aspect of my animal nature ... making friends with a part of myself which i previously saw as self serving (i think?). If one can own these parts of ourselves without denying them then we have them where we can see them and they can then become managable instead of out of control.

    Check out this link ... it's relevant:
  9. FireflyInTheDark

    FireflyInTheDark Sell-out with a Heart of Gold

    That's cool!
    Usually I do pretty well at interpreting my dreams, but this one really had me stumped.
    I told the bf about your interpretation and he thinks it's because I've been slowly domesticating myself over the past few years- learning to cook, cleaning, being put in charge of grocery shopping, etc... It's something I always feared when I was a teenager, but now, meh. It ain't so bad. He remembers when I was steadfastly against ever even resembling a housewife, though, so the change was pretty drastic. Didn't even notice it, though.
    Dreams are cool...

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