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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Hyde150, Oct 17, 2010.

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    Hello there! Been looking for a place to ask people about some dreams that I've been having lately, as they're a little bit weird. They're not reccuring dreams as in they're the same but I've been having a lot of dreams on the same theme.

    I keep dreaming that for whatever reason I find myself with a baby, looking after it, having strong feelings of love for it (as if it was my own) and at the early stage of the dream its as if the child is mine. Then it becomes clear that the baby is not mine, but I have been given it. In one dream I came back home, my Mum and some girl I don't know was in my kitchen talking (I imagine the random girl was supposed to be my girlfriend) they told me the baby was sleeping but I said I wanted to see him. I went upstairs to wake the baby up, insted of there being a baby there was 3 children, who was mixed race ( I dont know if thats important lol) and they seemed extremely pleased to see me. In another dream it became apparent that the baby was my friends, which I was bringing up, I was telling my mates that I was gutted that I'd been left with the baby but I was actually really happy.

    The dreams have always left me feeling a bit weird when I wake up. I'm not in a relationship, fairly young (21) and have litterally no desire to have a baby at this stage in my life. So, yeah, was wondering if anyone new what these dreams could mean?
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    It could mean you just need someone to care for,not a baby necessarily but a significant other.You did say you were single.

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