Recurring pregnancy/baby dreams

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by DiffKettleOfFish, Jan 6, 2005.

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    ok so for the past, oh, 2 weeks or so I have had about 5 dreams about either being pregnant or being a parent. In my latest dream, I was a mom and I was living with my mom still, and she said she was so proud of me fro getting pregnant. Then, all of a sudden, I realized that I had to go back to school in four days (in real life, I'm on winter break, and I do have to go back in about 3-4 days), and I panicked because I couldn't live in the dorms with a baby. So the rest of the dream was me being stressed out about how to go to college and care for a baby.

    The pregnancy/motherhood is a positive thing in all my dreams, I'm happy about becoming a mom. I think maybe the college thing has some significance, because I hate living in the dorms in real life.

    Any thoughts??
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    I guess - just looking at what you said - the dreams mean that maybe becoming a mother would be a good thing (despite the difficulties).
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    while i think in this instance it is likely the result of an overworked, worrying mind, when a girl dreams about pregnancy, it is a symbol of a potential forthcoming increase in material wealth :) for guys i think it means to watch out for infidelity or something hehe :) generally, it also symbolizes growth and change.
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    I suggest you ask Old Crone. But, to me, it sounds like there is someone who wants to be born to you. I'm guessing, without asking you that the Baby was male???
    dreams can be the subconsious telling you what's really going on. Be it past, present or future events.

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