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    in the beginning there was nothing
    but the stars and the girl
    who held up the sun
    and sent it spinning around the world
    and the valleys rose
    and the mountains sank
    and the wild things gathered
    at the river bank

    one boy went traveling
    as he ran he drew the first breath
    and the wind curled over the sea
    wind from the bellows of his chest
    the waves rolled over
    and greeted the sun
    and all of the water
    and the land were one
    the boy grew surely
    into the brightest man
    spent his days in the himalayas
    and slept on the sands of japan
    and the woman smiled down on him
    extending a graceful hand
    when a palm played upon his face
    he rose to hear her say
    she said
    welcome to this place

    i am god
    i do not take sides
    i do not try or take
    you're just a dream that i've been having
    and i've decided
    never to wake
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    that was tops!
  3. Spinner

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    Yay! A forum full of people with talent and I'm not one of them.
  4. littleskinny

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    Excellent work, fierce flawless....did you make up the myth, or is it based on a "real" one?

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