Recovery from our Dopamine Feedback Loop Addiction is possible via Dopamine Feedback Poop

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  1. ~ Recovery from our Dopamine Feedback Loop Addiction is possible with a little help from our friend Dopamine Feedback Poop ~


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    ~ Mahalo nui loa = Thank you very much ~

    Are you like the bumbling #Billions of device addicted junkies stumbling blindly through traffic intersections, wincing while walking hunch backed with eyes transfixed to your precious Smart Phone?

    Then you are not alone...

    Dopamine is the neurological chemical most associated with pleasure.

    Our brains include several distinct dopamine pathways, one of which plays a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior.

    Our brains release #Dopamine in order to send a #Pleasure signal to our bodies as a reward.

    In the good old days dopamine was released when we found a fresh piece of fruit or a edible root so our cro-magnum ancestors were able to discover nutrients essential for the survival of the human race. Dopamine is also released from #Sexual stimulation so we felt the need pro-create & perpetuate our species.

    Now we are so privileged with pre-packaged "food", pretty pictures & online dating sites that our brains have found new reasons to release dopamine beyond those essential to our survival.

    Speaking of the good old days -- there was a time when we did not carry our Telephones, Cameras & Computers in our pockets.

    In these primitive days we were just beginning to feel the surges of dopamine readily available via our device of choice in this new world.

    There could be a message on our old school Answering machines -- there may be the oldie but goodie #YouveGotMail notification awaiting on our home personal computer....oh happy day...dopamine release...


    When your #Love interest answers your phone call there is a release of dopamine.

    When your call is ignored or missed -- the expected dose of dopamine is denied.

    Now Mickey Mouse is sad because Minnie Mouse ditched his call & dogged him for Pluto the Pimpin' Puppy

    Do you feel like a lab rat when Dr. Zuckenstien updates your #Facebook app or does experiments on your #Precious profile?

    Do you suffer from #Withdrawls while your #SocialMedia privileges are suspended when you are doing time with our CYBER CRIME cronies in FACEBOOK JAIL??

    Once again you are not alone.

    #Like Mickey & Minnie Mouse -- we are all lab rats for the social media giants to experiment on.

    The data had been compiled & the results are in:



    #ZuckZebra is the new #JoeCamel


    #DopamineFeedbackLoop social media traps the user in an endless loop like a rat running endlessly on a wheel in a cage by constantly rewarding the content we put out with notifications of other users interactions releasing dopamine that makes us feel #Good

    Many #Drugs are addictive due to their ability to rapidly flood our brains with dopamine.

    We can ween ourselves off drugs, alcohol & even social media by regulating our intake while recognizing triggers that entice us into using.

    As everyone does have to do the doo -- perhaps (or per-craps) limiting social media use to daily bowel movements would be a good way to set some solid (or liquid) boundaries.

    Try it for one week:

    Only use social media Dopamine Feedback Loops when your are taking a #Poop

    Join the new #Trendy hashtag crew circulating the #Matrix & then share the #Great news about your recovery with your Facebook #Friends with these hilarious hashtags:






    ~ This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by Social Media Giants, the number #2 & dopamine feedback loop addicts like me & you ~

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    The entire semi-conducting industry is busy at work attempting to address all the social issues. Batteries no longer explode in the developed world, often anyway, but they are still struggling to cure cellphone addiction and prevent people from walking into traffic or driving an 18 wheeler distracted. The solution everyone has agreed upon is augmented reality, that allows the AI in your glasses to actually prevent people from being more stupid.

    Making the hardware cheap and affordable, will require perhaps twenty years, allowing them to develop the market.
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  3. Aloha @wooleeheron!

    Anything we can do to "make people less stupid" is a good call...speaking of smart phones...:sunglasses:

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    They've actually discovered that Dopamine is also responsible for unhappiness. Every cloud has its silver lining, but it has to rain to see a rainbow.
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  5. Aloha @wooleeheron!

    Here is a Great article about Dopamine Feed Back Loops & Social Media Addiction:

    Dopamine, Smartphones & You: A battle for your time

    by Trevor Haynes
    figures by Rebecca Clements

    ~ Mahalo = Thank you ~

    Aloha a hui hou
    Pua Mana 'Ohana

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