Recommended Smart Action/Sci-Fi Novels

Discussion in 'Sci-Fi Books' started by ryantherebel, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. ryantherebel

    ryantherebel Guest

    After discovering the Vorkosigan Saga, Snow Crash, The Culture Series, The Expanse Trilogy and rereading The Forever War I'm trying to find more Science Fiction novels that combine exciting action with smart/smartly executed story telling. Now to clear things up, by "action" I don't necessarily mean Military Sci-Fi(although those shouldn't be excluded) I'd like more variety like cyberpunk or present based science fiction.
  2. dabla

    dabla Member

    dune by frank herbert will blow your mind
    old mans war by john scalzi
    childhoods end by arthor c clarke
    brave new world by auldous huxley

    spelling is off on some of these but google will fix it.

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