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  1. Alright. For people who don't believe in recarnation I have a few questions for you...

    So when one of your friends or loved ones dies this is obviously a painful time, but you will always have memories of them to keep them alive.. for you... Now, just go along with me imagin that you have died, how can that be the end... I mean everything else in the world obviously continues but for you is it just a blank canvas, just nothing? how can you just lose all your lifes memories... now I'm having a hard time trying to explain this because it's much clearer in my head.. but I will try....

    When a person dies of course they stop breathing but it is impossible for them to stop living because humans have a magnitude of energy and it can not simply vanish... this energy, your spirt needs to travel somewhere else.

    It's like saying when you turn of a light there is no energy left. When in fact you just stopped the energy output to that one place.... but the energy that was once fueling that particular light bulb, might have slowed down but eventually you will turn on another light that is connected and the energy continues to flow.(sorry this is the best example I could think of)

    Now your spirt might end up stuck between worlds for a little bit, to try and finish what they feel need to be done... and when they finish this business their energy can not just vanish... It moves on to fuel another form...

    Now how can someone's spirt life just end? I think that every new life that one lives helps them understand themselves better and when someones human form dies naturally it's because they have learned what they set out to learn. Therefore life will continue to be a learning procces and will continue to inhabit other forms of life....

    Hmm I'm not making to much sense of this I don't have the proper words.... But I hope my point is getting out to you.

    Now even if you still don't believe in recarnation try to open up your mind a bit and stop being so narrow...
  2. I firmly believe that I am John Lennon reincarnated.
  3. I'm upset that people don't have something to add.
  4. I view reincarnation as a way for a void to be filled. But I don't think it happens all the time.
  5. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    You are confused because you've set the premises against themselves. There is no spirit vs physical world. they are one in the same. Alan Watts says, and I strongly agree, if there is a question that has been asked for centuries with no good answers coming, we must be asking the wrong question, or asking it the wrong way.

    You do have a lot of energy in you. It's in your body, it IS your body. You die, and you're right, you don't disappear: there's your carcass still. So, your metabolism stops, and then you decay, releasing that energy from fixed form as your body into the world to be reused.

    I don't mean this to say the world is strictly materialist. The problem is, we look at the world as being created, like a jar is made from clay, but it's hard to imagine clay moving itself, so we have to come up with energy. So now we have matter and energy, body and spirit. This has caused more confusion in philosophy, religion and science than you'd think: you get the idea of God creating from outside, creating everything in his perfect wisdom (but somehow creating bad stuff like disease and evil), you later get the idea that the universe is purely materialistic, an idiot universe, moving like billiard balls knocking eachother around...

    But that's wrong. It's this idea that forms exist in and of themselves and are moved by something else that sets us astray in our thinking. Matter IS energy, body IS spirit (and vice versa). Even science is showing this, in Quantum Physics, that the entire universe is a single unified field of energy, that only appears to be seperate due to it's complexity.

    Check out Alan Watts, especially his book "The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are" as well as the movie "Mindwalk" which adresses some of my points, though not reincarnation.
  6. BlackGuardXIII

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    I agree that E=MC squared, that matter is energy. I also believe that we 'our mind, spirit, soul, or whatever, is something else. It is an unknown to me, but I see our bodies as being our vehicles, and our Spirit is just a passenger. The soul, or mind, uses the body until it is worn out and then we need to dump it in the scrapyard, and shop for a new one. Our budget is based on what we have earned up till that point. I have spoken with people who related past life stories, some I didn't believe, some I did.

    Child prodigies like Mozart are hard to explain otherwise.
    If we look at our senses as being the movie projector, and the brain as the movie screen, our minds are the theater goers, watching the film. The brain just presents us with a deciphered message that our minds can evaluate and judge to be valid or not.
    I do not mean to imply that I feel this is fact, just what I believe.
    I believe we have lived thousands of lives, which we sometimes get flashes of and wonder if it is deja vu, or whatever.
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    No they aren't. If the kid is born with his brain wired differently (or really, it develops later to be wired different) and is in such a way where the creative part, or the mathematical/musical (the two are related) part is more developed, then why is that so hard to believe? I'm no neurologist or anywhere's close to knowing a lot about the brain, but it's all in the neural connections, how they connect and what info is exchanged.

    And the mind is the output of the brain, not a seperate thing.

    I guess you'll believe as you will, and that's cool, but I do disagree.
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    okay I am the first to admit my beliefs are biased but heres how I see it. yes the universe is one big energy field and we of course are a part of that energy so much so that you cannot separate one from the other. but as we are energy and yet sentient is it really so hard to accept that that energy that is so all pervasive is likewise sentient? there are many levels to this universe the physical in which our bodies reside living out our daily liives, then there is the mental plane, a sort of microcosm unto itself wherin we learn from experiences on the physical plane. then there is th univwersal energy where the two meet, it has many names such as astral, heaven/hell, purgatory, nirvana, or the collective unconsious. but I see it as the universal mental plain the mind of this sentient force in which we reside and are an integral part of. when a physical form exprres we inevitably return to the mind from which we were spawned. but not always as we can also return to the physical world and begin once more to learn and grow. basically I see the universe as on mind trying to understand itself. each of us is a vessel for this greater consiuosness to learn from opr through. but perhaps that only makes sense to me.
  9. Peregrine

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  10. dont call people narrow because they dont share your point of view!! How can you not explain mozart?? HE WAS A FUCKING GENIOUS!! IF de ja vu was from past lives then wouldnt it be likely i have different skin when i feel like it happens if it happened in a past life? DURR your fucking close mindeD!
  11. ruinedshadow

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    hey if you don't like the conversation stay out of it, you don't have to be fucking rude about it

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