Reasons why vinyl rules

Discussion in 'Music' started by rhasta.penguin, May 1, 2007.

  1. rhasta.penguin

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    -the quality is way better (sine wave > square waves)
    -if you dont like the pitch of a song, you can adjust it.
    -if you dont like the tempo of a song, you can adjust that.
    -You can reverse it
    -You can scratch it and use it as an instrument
    -its softer on your ears and doesnt make you tired after listening to hours of music (depending of course how loud you play it)

    im so happy i have gotten into it. i listen to both vinyl and compact disc, but vinyl is such a relief after listening to digital music for so many years.

    do you listen to vinyl often?
  2. dd3stp233

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    I have thousands of vinyl records and I love listening to them.

    Some reasons:
    The album art is much larger then a cd, especially gatefolds and booklet types.
    My vinyl records skip a lot less then my cds.
    Records are usually less expensive then cds.
    Vinyl records are more collectible then cds, imo.
    I prefer the tonal and sound qualities of records. All I need is a tube preamp and tube amp for my record player and it will sound phenomenal.
  3. Asmodean

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    I love vinyl as well! I'm not playing my vinyl records often though, I prefer mp3 lists :tongue:, but if I buy an album nowadays I try to buy vinyl. It just has something special, also because of the larger artwor indeed.
  4. sourdiesel06

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    Nostagia. We remember things as being better than they are. Consciously or otherwise, people give vinyl extra credit because it's old and we all know that old is good.

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