Reasons not to go vegan (humor)

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by Sage-Phoenix, May 16, 2004.

  1. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    I found this today and it made me smile. :)

    Before I get leapt on and howled out of here, it is written by vegans for vegans. Check it out and you'll understand.
    I'm vegetarian and can totally relate to some of those points.



    PS The rest of this site is good too if you want to amble of the beaten path.
  2. LOL

    That's funny.
    Thanks for the laugh!
  3. ericf

    ericf Member

    3. People who've heard you're a vegan expect you to be really thin when they meet you. Sorry!

    Oh so very true. Of course, I am only vegetarian but I get that all the time. I don't think I could ever been an extreme vegan... the whole silk and honey thing seems like a stretch. But I love the humor here.
  4. Enron

    Enron Member

    Ya, alot of those were really funny, that last one with the excuse translations I really related too.
  5. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

    the grandparents thing is so true. The only person who gives me shit for being vegan is my grandfather. He always asks me if I have lost weight since becoming vegetarian and "are you still not eating meat?" It gets a little tiresome. Luckily I haven't had any other conflicts with friends or family yet.
  6. Summertime

    Summertime Member

    Hehe, that was funny, but oh so true in most cases. It's weird how most of my friends have accepted I'm vegetarian, but when I mention I want to become a vegan they think I'm crazy! Veganism seems to have a crazy, extremist stereotype. :(

    Summer. xx.
  7. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    121. You wish that Dairy Queen sold Toffuti.

    but is anything at DQ related to whole foods in anyone's book?
  8. alissamelon

    alissamelon Member

    very cute list
  9. Ellis

    Ellis Member

    Hahaha, thats so good! Most of the stuff is even true, like:
    -Others feel driven to point out that vegetables are alive too.
    -The fact I spend twice as much time defending my diet than eating it.
    I really enjoyed reading it!
  10. beachbum7

    beachbum7 Lookin' for any fun

    :) Just a good site :)
  11. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    51. you can't really admit to your meat-eating friends that you don't like carrots, peas, or dill when they offer you their only vegan dish of the night which is of course, steamed carrots with baby peas and lots of their homegrown,organic dill.

    I go over to my in-laws' for lunch every Sunday. My father-in-law is a true southern cook. Fried chicken, bbq, etc. He always makes a lot of veggies too so I can have something to eat. usually corn, variety of beans. The only veggies I hate are corn and beans!! (I know beans aren't vegetables, but you get the idea)
  12. InTheFlesh

    InTheFlesh Member

    That's hilarious! Thank you.
  13. it's fanatstic. So funny, so true.

    I have another reason - last night my flatmate (who could never give up meat because it tastes too good) and I were having a debate about the ethics of using animals for food. I said that one of the reasons for being veg*an was not approving of this practise - her comeback? That's really hypocratical and selfish of me, because i would squash grass to build a house, and I am just privilidging the animals. Wow, i'm such a heartless bitch. I think I should go and eat a big juicy hunk'o'cow just so the grass dosn't get its feelings hurt.
  14. that was pretty funny.
  15. SageDreamer

    SageDreamer Senior Member

    Love it, love it, love it.
  16. loveflower

    loveflower Senior Member

    lol that was great
  17. green_thumb

    green_thumb kill your T.V.

    Ha ha, I didn't read them all, but the ones I did were pretty funny.
  18. wastingthedawn

    wastingthedawn *~Pure Light~*

    so funny...I'm loving reading this...It's making my work shift go by ALOT faster...

    I really liked these ones:

    72. Your grandmother, after hearing you are a vegetarian, (1) tries to sneak some lamb into your food, because she knows that if you just tasted it, you'd realize meat was okay, (2) sends you her heirloom mink coat because she wants to convince you that using animals for our own purposes is okay, (3) decides that because you buy only cosmetics not tested on animals that you hold monkeys in higher regard than humans. (Don't ask me. It's all Grandma Logic (TM), which I have never understood.) 73. People just don't understand that caring for animals doesn't mean you think they're more important than humans, just that they are AS important.

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