Really strange (But pleaseant) dream?

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    It started with me being on a street, the street is littered with toys like a tricycle, blow up castles, balls, bats etc. I'm walking up the street that is at a slight uphill and I see someone who looks like my history teacher, I walk over to him but an old man walks up to him and blames the mess in the street on him, my teacher denies it and the fight is taking place on a front lawn, the old man somehow deploys a large inflatable 'shield' that covers the entire house trapping my teacher, the old man walks into his house. I climb on the inflatable prison and talk to my teacher through an opening.

    I don't remember much after that, but after the scuffle involving my history teacher I walk into a house and go on my computer, I have a new e-mail. For some reason in my dream I get the feeling I have been expecting this e-mail from this person. It includes an image of a woman, her skin is painted purple and she has a pink bikini on, for some reason I find this arousing, but in the dream I think it's mt dads ex girlfriend, but from the photo I know it's not but I have some bond to the mysterious woman. In the e-mail she asks if I like her, I say I do but not if we wont be 'doing' anything (Sexual, if you're slow) she tells me to meet her somewhere and I agree. I get of the computer (Which is a laptop on my bed, I don't own a laptop in RL)

    I walk out of my room and in the hall are these realistic looking sex dolls, the kind that are super realistic looking and you can have sex with them, but these are smaller. For some reason I am incredibly horny, maybe from the excitement of meeting this woman. I decide to bring it into the bathroom, put some water on the vagina and start fucking it, it has small bead chains inside of it that feel really good when I rub against them, I keep fucking it but I don't ejaculate.

    Then, next thing I know I'm walking up a dimmed road in the evening to a place that looks like a bar. I see the woman and I run towards her, she run towards me but when I get close to her, she runs around me and runs to some guy behind me. The guy ignores her and walks away form her as the woman stand there heartbroken, I feel the need to care for her. I walk over to her, put my arm around her shoulder and walk her down the street. Some mysterious person is also walking with us, I offer the woman if she wants to crash at my place, the mysterious guy warns her of gangsters (I live nowhere near any gangs in RL, so this strikes me as strange) We continue down the road and the woman is sobing but doesn't seem to notice the mysterious man that I see.

    Then I wake up. When I get up I notice a small wet spot on my boxers, I believe it's semen because of the smell. So I guess I had a wet dream, probably when I was fucking the doll in the bathroom, strange, I didn't cum in the dream but I did a little in RL.

    Weirdest dream ever, but it was an incredible one and I really hope to have it again and continue and see how me and the 'Rainbow Woman' ,as I have nicknamed her, progress in our relation ship.

    I would like to see some dream expert, or a therapist or someone I can talk to about it and have some answers.

    (If you read all of this, Thank You)

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