Really really sorry!! - But question on accepted proof of age!

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by bigloui96, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. bigloui96

    bigloui96 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hello to everyone on the forum!
    I have scrolled through all 10 pages of the forum in search of my question but havn't quite found it!
    I'm going to Amsterdam on the 5th January with a friend - my birthday present to him! Neither of us have done weed before, yet we are both open minded and have been told that no trip to amsterdam is complete without sampling the coffee shop culture.
    Again we are not big nightclub goers, but wouldnt mind seeing what it's like in amsterdam!
    However i'm only 19 and hes 20. We dont look particulary old, but have never had problems in England (due to the fact I think we prefer quiet local pubs!)
    Obviosuly we have our passports, but with all the pickpockets in the RLD and such, and plus if one of us were to drink one too many and loose it.... I think its too risky carrying a Passport arround! He has a driving liscence so he's fine, but I havnt even applied for a provisional driving liscence (never needed one...)
    So cutting to the chase, if I photocopy my passport (which I always do anyway incase I loose it - as recommended by holida insurers) will they accept a photocopy? I have an old NUS card from when I was in 6th form, but havnt been issued with a new one.

    Would really appreciate some insight on the matter!
    Cheers guys! :D
  2. Jon

    Jon Member

    You should be alright with a photocopy of your passport, but why not get a money belt and carry your original passport in that, no problem with pick-pockets then! :)

    Jon :)
  3. WE1

    WE1 Member

    I thought it was illegal to photocopy official documents like passports,gold certificates,money orders,treasury notes,paper money,bonds,etc,etc? I would not advise carrying your passport [unless you have no other official photo IDs] during your adventures in Amsterdam. Because,it will not be needed unless there is a serious problem. Coffee Shops will except numerous other photo IDs issued by your local authoities as proof of age.
  4. bigloui96

    bigloui96 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hey cheers guys!
    I don't know about in the States, but in the UK you are advised to carry photocopies of your passport on holiday, this way if you loose your original it really helps the Embassy in trying to get you home if you have a photocopy!


    Scan all your documents in on a PC and send it to yourself as an E-mail attachment. No matter what country you are in you always have access to it.
  6. KansasCity

    KansasCity Member

    There is no US law against photocopying your passport. It is advised, in fact, by the State Department as you can use your photocopy to expedite a replacement if your passport is stolen or lost.
  7. velvet

    velvet Banned

    I'd advice you to make a copy of your passport and leave that in your hotel room, but take the original with you. Like in all big cities there are pickpockets but it's really not as bad as you might think.. I go to Amsterdam very often and I really don't pay any attention to my stuff anymore. Just make sure you keep an eye on your bag/coat and act relaxed.. don't be the paranoid tourist! I have no experiences with the acceptance of photocopied ID but I don't think they'll accept it.. although it seems that some rules are more lenient towards 'newbie tourists' than to locals, so you might be lucky :)

    If it will be your first time smoking (ever) than be prepared.. Dutch weed is VERY strong and will knock you out completely.. don't go overboard the first time.. take a few puffs and see how that settles, go from there. Also carry the address of your hotel with you at all times, in case you get so wasted that you get lost or forget where you're staying. With all the narrow streets Amsterdam might be confusing for a first time stoned tourist ;)

    If you're planning on taking a cab/taxi at any moment, make sure it's a TCA (Taxi Company Amsterdam).. those will be polite chauffeurs with a normal fee. All the other companies are kinda shady and usually run by non-'locals' (immigrants who don't speak Dutch and/or English and will probably try to rip you off, there is no real control on them since they don't work for an established cooperation but for themselves). So just keep that in mind: TCA :)

    Have fun!
  8. bigloui96

    bigloui96 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Thanks again guys! Velvet you appear to be the fountain of all Amsterdam knowledge! Much appreciated!! I leave on wednesday and can't wait!!
    I shall post up something on the lines of a newbies guide to amsterdam!!
  9. velvet

    velvet Banned

    *blush* thanks :) But don't forget.. I'm only stating my opinion/impression.. you might experience Amsterdam in a totally different way! In other words.. don't blame me if the shit hits the fan! ;)

    Enjoy your stay!
  10. bigloui96

    bigloui96 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I'm sure my trip will run smoothly :eek:
    The one piece of advice I have been given is dont fall in the canal. A family friend's husband drowned in a canal a couple of years back - leaving his new wife and baby on their own. - (A British drunken stag party is how it happened)
    What a downer eh?

    I cant wait til Dam though! SO much to do! To see!! Just the little things like being able to go to Chinatown!! mmm Chinese food...
  11. velvet

    velvet Banned

    the Chinatown is REALLY small.. it's more like 'china street'.. hehe.. but there are some nice restaurants there.. you've got "Little Thai Prince" and "The Bird" on the Zeedijk (both Thai restaurants).. and several chinese ones of which Nam Kee is the most famous and supposedly very good.. this one is also on the Zeedijk. There is another 'Nam Kee' very closeby, on the Nieuwmarkt but they specialise more in fish I think.. not sure.. it's from the same owner, just another chef.
  12. garf12

    garf12 Member

    I feel that my passport is safer on me then leaving it in the room. I keep my passport on me at all times when I am out of the country. Never know when you will need to make a run for the embassey! :)

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