Really Low Body temp for me...97.1...what is up with that?!

Discussion in 'Health' started by ConfusedLittleOne, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Ok I am female and dont weigh that much. I am usually hands and feet are freezing all the time and thats sorta normal for me. But tonite I am freaking out cuz my temp is 97.1 degrees. I think I am gonna start my period but it has never been that low....and I am feeling crappy too. I was reading up on hyopthermia but it says below 96 degrees. I am really pissed of cuz at work I have to stay in one area with little movement and the air is blasting on me...I mean my hands get so cold and they dont work right thats how cold it is. I complain, customers complain and managment does nothing!!! They obviously think its no big deal but its like 40 degrees and raining outside and its probably below 60 where i am inside. Is that insane or what?! They laugh and say thats weird...but we cant fix it we have no control over it...WTF? To me it doesnt sound right...I mean what if its making me sick. I have to get hot drinks and hold them to make me somewhat warm, and that doesnt even help. I sometimes dread going to work cuz of this and that sounds really dumb...but true. My normal body temp I beleive is what could be making it so low??? Any advice would help thanks.
  2. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    Actually 97.1 isn't really anything to worry about. Not everyone's typical body temperature is 98.6... they say give or take a degree is normal. So if you take, 97.6, 97.1 is nothing to worry about. If you start feeling cold internally, where you can sit an inch away from the heat but inside you are still cold (hard to explain), then you would probably want to go get checked out at the doctor. ...and cold feet and hands wouldn't necessarily be an effect of a low temperature.

    Also, when you get cold your blood vessles contract so that more blood is available at any time to your organs. If your hands and feet are cold all the time, you should get tested for a rare disease which has similar symptoms. What happens is, your hands and feet are overly sensitive to heat or cold and the vessels contract when they shouldn't. So, if it's 70 degrees outside, the blood vessels in your hands and feet would contract as if it were 30 degrees. As a result, they would be cold, no matter what you did to try to warm them. So that may be something to look into.
  3. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    That doesn't seem low enough to worry about
  4. alB

    alB Member

    Were you in the hospital recently? My temp used to be 98.6 as predictably as the sun rising in the east. Since I was in the hospital, my temp is always lower than that - my blood pressure too. Sometimes just being pretty confined like that (activitywise) can mess with your system in one way or another.
  5. audreyanne

    audreyanne Member

    I Agree,that You Should Go See Youre Doc,chances Are Urok,bwtf...alot Of Times That Could Be Whats Normal 4u.but It Could Indicate A Thyroid Or Other Metabolic Disorder.i Had A Temp Of 95.3 Once But I Have Hypothyroidism,and A Myriad Of Other Health Issues.sometimes U Just Need To Check It Out.just To Be Safe.that Isnt A Life Threatening Temp,but Things With Low Body Temp As A Asmoton Could Have Serious Repercussions If They Go Toolong W/o Treatment.dont Let This Scare Active In Taking Care Of Your Arent God,but Knowledge Is Freedom.namaste,audreyanne
  6. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    I would certainly have your thyroid checked, one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is low body temperature, but the other problems with underactive thyroid can be much worse. It is a simple quad blood test, have a complete physical, too.

    I hope you can find out what the problem is.
  7. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    maybe get it checked, but I know my normal body temp is 96.8 instead of 98.6.
    I've never had a problem except trying to convince the school nurse I had a fever! When my temp gets up around 99 I worry. That's like 102 to average people.

    but if you know your body temp is usually 98.6 then I would call a doctor first to see of it's something that should be checked out.

    We're not cold blooded animals so the temp around you doesn't matter!
  8. Faerie

    Faerie Peachy

    Ha me too.... My temps normally about 97.0. Trying to go home was the worst... its only 99. 9 but in comparision im running a fever.. i fannly started going down randomly to have her take my temp so she knew it was low when i was healthy...

    I wouldn't worry about it to much.. My hands and feet are always cold to... Its just bad circulation according to everyone ive asked... so what ever.. If your really worried go to the doctor
  9. audreyanne

    audreyanne Member

    Maggie Sugar Is Right,underactive Thyroid(hypo-thyroidism)can Have Some Serious Consequences,and It Is Just Some Bloodwork To Find Out For Sure...i Went Undiagnodes For Nearly 3 Years,and It Took A Toll On My Heart.i Now Have A Whole New Set Of Problems,and Will Be Lucky To Be Able To Be Fixed.i Also Had Rheumatic Fever As A Child,which Caused Even More Problems.i Learned That One Needs To Educate Themselves And Address Symptons That Are Out Of The Norm....a Few Other Symptons Are Dry Skin,fatigue,weight Gain,chronic Sore Throat,brittle Nails,moodiness-i Presented After The Birth Of My Daughter,and Was Tired All The Time But Thought It "normal".also It Tends To Runin Families With Autoimmune Diseases Such As Diabetes,lupus,hyper & Hypo Throidism.just Get Tested Please ,also Intolreence To Cold Or Hot Temps Are Symptons. Better Safe Than 7 Light,audreyanne

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