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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by A Friend of th devil, Aug 18, 2005.

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    ok last night i had a cool dream nd i wanna know what u people think

    it starts out im in my house nd i ask my parents if they could drop me off at my friend shanes house nd they say ok. now we r dring in the car nd it comes to a stop in the middle of a barren wasteland nd my parents say ok her we r. now im walking in a random direction nd i come to a fence with a gate in it so i go in nd now im in an old west town, you know saloons shoot outs tumble weeds the whole shabang. so i walk thro nd i come to another fence nd i climb over it nd im in the middle of a town from a video game i really like so i walk thro nd a guy falls out of a tree nd its the main charecter of the game nd he desides to come along with me so we walk thro nd we come to yet a nother fence nd when we climb over it we r out side my friends house nd he isnt home so we jump the fence nd the town i was in before was now under attack so the main charecter guy runs off ti fight nd i just walk to the next fence nd jump it, now the old west town isnt an old west town ne more its a bunch of those games that u see at like 6 flags where if you win you get some meening les prize so i walk thro nd come to the final fence nd jump it to see my parents r there waiing like they knew he wasnt hme so i get in the car nd wake up

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