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    i would if i could but my work blocked it so yeah :D gave it a go though..
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    Wow, they must really want you to work there. (You need to type in a secret code so that your work is blocked and the entertainment is open.)
    Laziness, it's what I'm up to
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    haha yeah, would be nice if they actually gave me work to do though..haha, but cant complain...
    you could summerize the article :D
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    by Michael Strider @ 9:46:00 AM on 1/25/2005

    By: Michael Strider

    The name Jake “The Snake” Roberts sparks emotion in the hearts of all wrestling fans. Fans of the sport will never forget the havoc that he and his serpent, Damien, reeked on his poor, innocent (ok, not “that” innocent) victims. “Snake,” as his fans call him, wrestled the toughest men in the sport, but none were as tough as the demons he faced within himself. Jake talks about his career in a sport that he loves more than life itself and the demons that he’s encountered along life’s highways. He also stresses the importance of kids staying away from drugs and alcohol. This interview is straight forward and un-edited. “Reader discretion is advised!”

    Michael Strider – What do you think about appearing at the upcoming WrestleReunion?

    Jake Roberts – I think it’s great! It’ll be fun to see all the fans and my friends! Lots of great wrestlers there!

    M. S. – Would you ever have thought an event like this would happen?

    J. R. – I don’t confine myself to thinking like that. Anything’s possible!

    M. S. - I’m definitely looking forward to it! I am a fan of the days that you were involved in the sport.

    J. R. – You’re “old school” huh?

    M. S. – Definitely! I liked watching guys like you and Wahoo and Boogie and Flair back in the day. I’m not a huge fan of the W.W.E. of today! I don’t watch it.

    J. R. – Neither do I! I don’t say I’m from the “old school”. I’m from the school that burned down before they built the “old school!”

    M. S. – Where was it that the sport ran off track?

    J. R. – Well, they ran out of talent! Basically they’ve prostituted and raped the talent! All the places like the small territories that use to build the talent are gone! That’s where all the great talent was born. This stuff doesn’t happen over night! It takes years to master any skill and the problem today is that they are trying to make chicken soup out of chicken s***! It still tastes like chicken, but I don’t know! (Laughing!) I can’t even get warmed up in the period of time that the matches last these days!

    M. S. – You’re right! They don’t take the time to train them as much as you guys were trained.

    J. R. – Movies these days are the same way! It’s all pyrotechnics and bulls*** and they dress it all up! I didn’t need a roman candle to have a match!

    M. S. – I certainly don’t remember you doing any flips off the top rope or anything elaborate like that in your time!

    J. R. – No! If you ever do, shoot my ass cause I’ve done lost control! I got pissed off when I saw the video games! It’s got me doing all this crap throughout the game!

    M. S. – I haven’t seen the video games.

    J. R. – Yeah, there’s a game out now that has me on it doing all this s*** on it! I was like, “What the hell! I get a nose bleed if I even get on the top rope!”

    M. S. – Do you get royalties for those things?

    J. R. – Sure! That’s a good thing!

    M. S. – That’s at least a good thing!

    J. R. – It would be nice if they actually copied what I did instead of designing what they want. They’re basically just raping again by taking something and making what they want out of it!

    M. S. – Do you think Vince McMahon is the anti-Christ?

    J. R. – I think that if Vince was around at the beginning of time and God employed him to be his publicist and to manage his promotion there would be no devil today, but unfortunately Vince went the other way! “Runnin’ with the devil”! He’s the greatest promoter of all time and it’s not really his fault that we ran out of talent. It’s his fault that he mismanaged the talent!

    M. S. – When did you first discover your interest in the sport?

    J. R. – I don’t think I really ever did! My father wrestled and it was never really something I wanted to do. I hated it! I grew up believing in it and he made us believe in it. I thought it was the real deal, you know? It was always a worry, to be honest. I never saw him much anyway, and I wasn’t around him much at all really. Basically, I just did it because I wanted to make my father love me the way I wanted to be loved. I tried to get his acceptance, which was the wrong reason to get into it! Once I got into it, I fell in love with it. The love that I have for it is greater than any love that I have for anything. To me, each time I go to the ring, it’s like I’m making love to my wife. Unfortunately, it’s the only one I ever cheated on!

    M. S. – That’s certainly an incredible love for the sport!

    J. R. – If I felt bad when I went to the ring, I would put in more effort. I find that this is the mark of a professional. A professional is somebody that goes out when they’re physically and mentally unable to do it and they give more than is expected. This is the way I’ve always felt. Some of my best matches are when I felt my absolute worst! Whether it be a physical or mental problem or a physical injury or hung over! It didn’t matter! That’s when I went out and gave it 300%!

    M. S. – Wow!

    J. R. – To me, that’s professional! It’s a true passion and my only passion. To me, there’s nothing better than going out and doing it. To me, it’s the masturbation of people’s emotions! I’m just taking them for a ride! Make ‘em high, make ‘em low, make ‘em any way I want to!

    M. S. – What’s your goal when you’re in the ring?

    J. R. – It’s to satisfy! To satisfy myself and to satisfy those people watching! To take ‘em on “that ride”! To make the non-believers believe and make the believers wanna cry. To make them sacrifice themselves. To make the old woman in the audience want to get up and cut me with a knife! And it’s happened!

    M. S. – Tell me about it!

    J. R. – I’ve been shot at in the ring! Quite an experience! Not something I’d like to do again but at the moment it was a pretty good rush!

    M. S. – A number of wrestlers have told me they have been shot at!

    J. R. – Oh yeah! It happened in Dallas about sixty miles from my home town. It must have been family!

    M. S. – That’s incredible! It’s good that people take it seriously because that’s why you guys make money, but some people take it a little too seriously!

    J. R. – Sure! It’s the best feeling in the world though man, when you can take somebody and make them get up and do something that they’re not physically or mentally capable of doing at any other moment of their life! When you’ve got some 80 year old woman coming at you with a knife, you know you’ve pretty much touched all the knobs you need to touch! Especially if she’s not family…or your date!

    M. S. – Have you ever been hurt by a fan?

    J. R. – Sure! I’ve been cut by them! I’ve had automobiles totaled by them! I’ve been hit with chairs and bottles. I was hit with a building block once!

    M. S. – What?!

    J. R. – It was an outdoor show and someone was on top of the dressing room building and they tossed a building block on me! I thought that was pretty cool!

    M. S. – Dammmmnnnnnnnnn!

    J. R. – Yeah! So, it can get pretty silly. Riots happen if you push all the right buttons and you play with people’s emotions! When you have them by the short hairs, so to speak, and they’re twisting the way (you) want them, to you have to be really careful! You gotta push them right to the edge and sometimes when you try to push a mass of people to the edge there’s gonna be a few people that fall in!

    M. S. – I use to argue with my dad when I was a kid and he tried to tell me that it wasn’t “real”.

    J. R. – We damn sure hammered each other!

    M. S. - Even today during live events I think the fans have a brief “escape from reality” and that’s what makes what you do successful! That brief moment when it all seems real and everyone in the arena is on the edge of their seats! I am thankful that I’ve never been sitting next to one of those 80 year old, knife wielding lady killers that you’re talking about!

    J. R. – That’s what the beauty of it is too, you know? People come up to me and say, “Is wrestling real”? If I say yes, they’re gonna argue with me! If I say no, they will argue too! They will say, “Most of it’s not, but this one time I saw these to guys…” Then I say, “No, no! You just saw two guys doing their job right!” If you go out and do it right then people should think it’s real! If you have idiots out there that throw 19 clotheslines and jump off the top of this and jump off the top of that and hit each other with this and that, it tells people it’s a bunch of crap! The worst thing in the world is someone trying to shove chicken s*** down your throat while they tell you its chicken soup! The fans don’t buy into it! They know what chicken soup tastes like! And this isn’t chicken soup!

    M. S. - What came first, snakes or wrestling?

    J. R. – Wrestling!

    M. S. – Where and when did the snakes come into play?

    J. R. – Snakes were just a spin-off of me and my character, and it kept people away from me! I had a lot of things going on in my life that I didn’t want people knowing about and if I had a snake around me, they wouldn’t want to get around me anyway!

    M. S. – People were scared of you?

    J. R. – Yeah! Intimidation factor!

    M. S. – Sherri Martel told me…

    J. R. – Oh, she loves it!

    M. S. – She said, “He got that damn snake after me in the shower one time!”

    J. R. – She’s a great girl! I’ve known Sherri for 25 years!

    M. S. – How did the idea of the snakes come about?

    J. R. – It was with Vince in ’84. I was scared to death of them as a kid. I did notice that when you said the word “snake”, people moved! It rhymed with Jake, so what the hell, it worked!

    M. S. – You were involved in one of the most bizarre “happenings” in the history of the sport! The night you brought out the cobra on Randy Savage! That was traumatizing when the snake bit Savage! I think most people thought it was fake even though we knew it couldn’t possibly be! The way it gnawed on his arm was sickening!

    J. R. – That was fun! I’d rather be bitten by a cobra that bitten by a python!

    M. S. – Are you kidding!?

    J. R. – Hell no, man! The venom sacs were removed so all it was going to do was chew on you! It didn’t have fangs, it had teeth so it didn’t really hurt that bad. It just kind of messed with your head! Any time you have an animal chewing on you it’s gonna mess with you! You don’t get use to that s***! I’ve been popped maybe 30 times with these snakes and you never get use to it! Not one time that it happens do you not try to jerk away from it, and when the snake weighs over 100 pounds it tends to rip your flesh!

    M. S. – Did that ever happen to you?

    J. R. – Yes!

    M. S. – How did the bite with the cobra actually come about?

    J. R. – It was just a silly idea that worked really well.

    M. S. – What kind of cobra was it?

    J. R. – It was a king cobra. A 13 footer! It was really, really nice! I enjoyed that!

    M. S. – Was it one of yours?

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    J. R. – It was mine. It was a real treat to play with! I use to love to play with that thing in the hotel room, you know? Cobras are very slow. They don’t strike at you like a regular snake does. They fall towards you and you can move your arm. Well, I was doing that one night at 3 am, bored, and the phone rang. I reached over to pick it up and forgot what I was doing. “Ouch! That son of a bitch got me again!”

    M. S. – So, it wouldn’t make you sick because it had been de-fanged?

    J. R. – No, no. It did make some people sick. It made Randy sick when it bit him, but I think that was all mentally.

    M. S. – What event did it happen?

    J. R. – It was called, “A Tuesday in Texas”. It was a special show. It wasn’t a pay per view.

    M. S. – I wish I could find a copy of that!

    J. R. – It would be good if you could find an uncut copy. The part you saw on TV was very short. That snake chewed on him for about two and a half minutes!

    M. S. – So Randy knew he was going to get chewed on?

    J. R. – Oh yeah! It was funnier than hell! (Laughing!)

    M. S. – Have you handled other poisonous snakes?

    J. R. – Oh yeah! Rattlesnakes, cobras and vipers that I shouldn’t have been handling! I’ve had several cobras. But, you know alcohol and drugs make you do stupid things sometimes!

    M. S. – Handling a cobra has got to be more dangerous than any drug!

    J. R. – Hell no!

    M. S. – You don’t think so?

    J. R. – The most dangerous drug in the world is adrenaline, my man! That gets more fools killed than anything! That’s the only time my body doesn’t hurt is when that bell rings! Right then, the adrenaline kicks in and I don’t feel no pain no more, man! That’s the only time I’m truly happy! Because there is no pain in my body or my mind. It’s better than any alcohol or any drug that I’ve ever done and I’ve done just about all of them!

    M. S. – I’m a photographer and I’ve had the opportunity to work for a lot of bands like Kiss and Van Halen. I’ve heard a lot of rock stars say they did drugs because the rush that they got when they were onstage couldn’t be achieved in any other way when they were off stage. Is that the reason you started using drugs?

    J. R. – You shot for Kiss? You’ve seen some bulls***!

    M. S. – No doubt, brother! The rush that I got when I was between those guys and 25,000 people couldn’t be touched. It can’t be explained.

    J. R. – I know what you mean. I’ve tried getting the high with drugs and everything else, but it doesn’t work. No, no, no! That had nothing to do with it! I wish I could blame it on that, but I can’t. I did drugs because I wanted to! That’s the way it starts out. But believe you me, I’ve never met an alcoholic or an addict anywhere on this planet that said, “When I was six years old all I ever wanted to do was be an alcoholic or an addict and die in the gutter!” That’s not what you want. You start out doing it and it’s fun. It’s a recreational thing! It’s a one time thing…it’s a two time thing! “It wouldn’t hurt to do it one more time!” But then somewhere down the road it becomes a liability where you have to do it to get out of bed and get yourself going and get yourself “right”! It starts out a little thing that’s doing the right thing for you whether it’s a pain killer you have to take because you have to wrestle that night or whatever. You know, we can justify whatever we want with our minds, brother!

    M. S. – I know that’s right!

    J. R. – You can justify any damn thing you want in your own mind! Forget about that bulls***! Bottom line is I did it because I wanted to and I got hooked! Once you get hooked, you get hooked deep! Some days I win and some days I lose!

    M. S. – What’s today?

    J. R. – Today I’m winning!

    M. S. – Thank God!

    J. R. – Oh yeah! I’m not gonna say I’m not gonna fall off the wagon and the last thing I wanna do is try to test myself, but I can count on falling off the wagon. Everybody should count on it! If you think you’ve got anything whooped, you don’t whip things like that! Those things are monsters that are coming from within! It’s just amazing that I’m the only wrestler that’s ever done drugs!

    M. S. – Only one that’s got the guts to admit it!

    J. R. – Thank you very much! I wanna tell kids that if they don’t want to be an alcoholic or a drug addict, don’t pick the s*** up in the first place! I hate these wankers that go around and say, “Ah, he’s a loser” or whatever! I don’t give a f*** what they think of me anyway!

    M. S. – Steroids seems to be the drug of choice to many of the wrestlers!

    J. R. – Addiction is addiction whether it is drugs, sex, food or whatever! Addiction will kill you!

    M. S. - Too much of anything isn’t good! Too much food can kill you!

    J. R. – Especially bad food! Especially this chicken soup made out of chicken s***!

    M. S. - What did you think about the documentary, Beyond the Mat?

    J. R. – The message that I wanted from that was to show kids what it’s like to be on drugs. I was under the understanding that it was going to be used as a positive thing. But he really broke it off in my ass and I was the only guy not to get paid from it!
    I’ll let God deal with him! I don’t have time to worry with jack-offs like that! He abused my family with it! It didn’t hurt me! It hurt my family!

    M. S. – Name some of your most memorable matches.

    J. R. – There’s too many to name! Some with Randy and some with Ricky Steamboat. Many with Andre and also Ronnie Garvin! No way to just name a few. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to wrestle some great wrestlers. It would even be hard for me to name the top 100 cause I’ve had so many of them! Thank God!

    M. S. – You even trained a lot of guys in the business today!

    J. R. – D.D.P., Stone Cold, Undertaker and the Road Warriors were just a few! I love teaching! That’s what I want to do now is teach some more. I just can’t turn the TV off because I still love wrestling, so therefore, what can I do? I want to teach more wrestlers. When I’m eighty years old and in a nursing home, I can pinch the nurse on the ass and have her turn the TV on and watch wrestling the way I like it! (Laughing!)

    M. S. – Do you watch anything other than W.W.E.?

    J. R. – I watch the T.N.A. stuff and some local stuff.

    M. S. – Those guys are getting bigger but I don’t think it will ever stand up to Vince.

    J. R. – It won’t. Vince is too far out there! Too far in front!

    M. S. – Have you ever thought about doing a book?

    J. R. – As a matter of fact there’s a contract in the works right now to do a DVD instead of a book. One of my blessings is being able to tell people a story, and I think it’s more important for people to be able to see me tell it, rather than to read it. I’d like to call it, “The Life and Death of Jake the Snake Roberts: Beyond the Bulls***!” (Laughing!)
    M. S. – That way you could control it yourself and you wouldn’t be taken advantage of by somebody else!

    J. R. - If I do it, I’m only gonna talk about me and nobody else which is a different concept!

    M. S. – Are you going to talk about the good things?

    J. R. – Oh yeah! I’m gonna talk about the good things with the bad!

    M. S. – Do you ever get tired of talking about the bad things?

    J. R. – I’m not ashamed to talk about what I’ve been through! I think that if you avoid the truth or part of the truth people say you’re hiding. I came out and said, “I’ve got a problem!” Because I didn’t want kids falling into this stuff! In a way, it’s set me free too because I’m not longer hiding this stuff. It helps me daily knowing I’m not a liar! If I were a liar too it would drive me nuts!

    M. S. – It seems like people are dropping right and left in that sport!

    J. R. – I’m the only one left! It’s sickening because a lot of them were my friends!

    M. S. – You’ve used the phrase, “Choose you heart, not your mind” on it. What did you mean by that?

    J. R. – Always listen to your heart. If you listen to your heart, you will do the right thing. If you listen to your mind, you will do anything! You think long and you think wrong! In other words, you will justify anything that you want to do! But if you throw a quick question to your heart like, “Should I murder?” Your heart says no, but your brain says, “Well, what did he do to you?” You can justify anything with your brain! Go with your heart! It’s like a guy that says he doesn’t believe in God but when he’s dying he says, “Oh God, please help me!” That’s what his heart tells him!

    M. S. – Name some people that you’ve admired throughout the years in the sport.

    J. R. – That’s a tough one! I admired Steamboat very, very much! I admired Ronnie Garvin very much! Great talents, great men! I’d take a bullet for either one of them!

    M. S. – Did you ever work with Jimmy Valiant?

    J. R. – The Boogie Man! Oh yeah! I love him, man! He’s hard not to love!

    M. S. – I know! He’s a great friend of mine!

    J. R. –We spent some time in the Carolinas together!

    M. S. – Many wrestlers associate you with the term, “ring psychology”. What does that mean to you?

    J. R. – I used it and everybody should use it! It’s their damn job! It’s when you make people believe what you’re doing! Being real with them while doing it! The match starts when you walk out of the dressing room, not when you get in the ring and not when they ring the bell! It’s the way that you walk and the way that you breathe and the way that you cut your eyes! It’s not looking at one person in the audience but looking at all the people at once! A lot of the guys pick somebody out of the audience and start yelling at them. That’s the last thing I’m gonna do is yell at someone that’s yelling in the audience! That’s what I’m getting paid to do, get them to yell! These idiots that go out there and say, “You’re a fat…” What the hell! She is a fat pig, so what the hell would you expose her for that?! She’s not gonna come back to the show because her kids are laughing at her because she is a fat pig! So, why would you do it? Don’t be an asshole! Don’t be an idiot! That’s what I call, “cheap heat!” When you go for “cheap heat”, you’re not professional! You’re just a desperate, damn fool! That’s what I believe! I didn’t do that crap! Never have, never will!

    M. S. – I’ve seen you wrestle and I’ve never seen you do it!

    J. R. – The most I’d do is and look at you and smile and say, “You’re right!” People hate that! If you wanna piss somebody off, tell them they’re right! When they call you an asshole tell them they’re absolutely right, and then smile! Women love it! (Laughing!)
    Fans don’t want to hear, “I did your momma!”

    M. S. – It’s funny you mention that because I was photographing an event recently when one of the guys said exactly that!

    J. R. - It’s sickening and it’s disgusting and you just lost fans! You just told some people they’re not coming back! If I was the promoter, I’d fire that son of a bitch!

    M. S. – Yeah, there were kids around and everything.

    J. R. – If they’re gonna talk like that they shouldn’t be in the ring. They should be in the crowd! Desperate people do desperate things! People without talent tend to take measures that have nothing to do with talent! Let’s face it man, that’s just the way people are! People who don’t want to work for it, wind up doing desperate, silly things that cause more disgust than they do anything else! There’s no real heat when 5 guys jump one guy! That’s disgust! We see Evolution and to have 3 guys at ringside when the thing starts? That’s gonna suck! That has nothing to do with wrestling! Desperate people doing desperate things!

    M. S. – The finale use to happen at the end of the card, but now it starts out with crazy stuff happening!

    J. R. – They do it that way because the guys in the ring can’t do their job! They’re unable to carry the load, so they throw spice in there to make it taste better. But even if you do that, when you start with the stock of chicken s***, it’s gonna taste like chicken s*** at the end too! It’s sort of like spraying air freshener in the bathroom after you take a dump! “Honey, try this pine air freshener!” Oh, ok! Now it smells like I s*** a pine tree! It still smells like s***! Am I right?

    M. S. – Yes! (Laughing, hysterically!)

    J. R. – It just smells like pine needles! What do we go to the bathroom for? To take a s***! You didn’t go in there to pull a pine tree out of your ass! Then don’t spray it with pine needles! Give me a break! (Laughing!)

    M. S. – You basically invented the D.D.T., right?

    J. R. – Yep! Every time somebody wins with it, they tell people, “Jake did it! He kicked your ass, so Jake must be better than you are!” See how stupid this is? These guys are going out there and doing it and I’m thinking, “Go ahead and show them I’m better than you are!” That’s psychology right there! When you can take people and make them think they’re doing something smart when they’re doing something stupid! When you hit a guy with 9 clotheslines, you’re not smart! You’re telling the people that you’re a phony and he is too! If I can’t knock a guy on his ass with two lefts and one right, I’m not gonna hit that son of a bitch anymore because I’m not gonna be the guy that can’t knock you on your ass with one punch! I’m damn near 50 years old! I don’t need that bulls***!

    M. S. – I’m going to mention some names. Tell me what comes to mind when I say them.

    M. S. - Andre the Giant

    J. R. – Whatever he wanted to be! The best there was! I loved him! He was a great card player, great man, and a phenomenal wrestler!

    M. S. – Randy Savage

    J. R. – (Sighs & pauses for a moment) Needs to quit chewing the coffee grinds! Wound a little bit too tight! I loved wrestling Randy and I had nothing against the man, but he’s wound a little tight!

    M. S. – Especially when there’s a cobra wrapped around him! (Laughing!)

    M. S. - Vince McMahon

    J. R. – Greatest promoter of all time, but I don’t like what he’s done to the business along the way!

    Jake will be appearing at WrestleReunion in Tampa, Florida on January 28-30. There will be photo opportunities with him and his snake. To get more information on Wrestle Reunion please visit:
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    hahaha :D why thank you miss bell :D
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    Your welcome
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    Being an avid wrestling fan I can just say that Jake's demons in and out of the ring have been well documented for years.

    There is a movie out called "Beyond the Mat" that focuses on a lot of the stuff about wrestling that you don't see when the cameras stop rolling. Jake does an interview in that movie that just makes you sad. It has a spot where the director walks in on him in a hotel room for an interview, and finds him snorting lines of coke like nothing. Good movie if you're into wrestling hell probably even if you aren't.
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    wow, thanks, that is sad.

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