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  1. johnniquest

    johnniquest Member

    so i backcombed my hair about 4 weeks ago. some are looking good and are tightening up fairly well. But the majority of them are straight hair in sections.... again. would anyone recomend backcombing those sections again? Or anyother recomendations to get them back on track? any information helps. YUUUP thanks.
  2. HempMama

    HempMama Member

    I would continue to palm roll. If the hair is really straight, you might have to rebackcomb but this is not something you want to keep doing over and over. Backcomb really, really tightly. Then just let them be. Remember that the hair will loosen up a great deal, this is part of the locking process. Dreads are a journey.
  3. johnniquest

    johnniquest Member

    cool thanks mama. more opinions are welcomed =]
  4. happiehippie

    happiehippie Member

    yeah, that sounds pretty normal to me, that some are comming undone. Just stick to it! Just takes time and patience.
  5. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    18 years into my journy and still ya find strands of loose hairs all over, thats normsal, they eventualy find other hairs they like hangin out with..they getto know eachiother eventualy bonding, and becomming 1 with eachother, they move in together and start a family..before ya know it they have babies ogf theyre own
    right now i think i must have 15-25 new babies just locking up, all only a few inches long
    point is, the process is ongoing always
  6. coley

    coley Member

    I am glad you asked that question man. I have the same issue myself. I backcombed and my dreads are loose in some places and almost coming out at the ends at times. I have to re-backcomb a bunch to keep them from becoming regular hair again. That would make me so sad! I love having dreads and have waited forever to get them so hearing it is normal for them to be coming out a bit is a relief!
  7. Reverend_Loki

    Reverend_Loki Member

    STOP REBACKCOMBING! All you're doing is damaging your hair. Just throw your comb away. Get rid of it. It is your enemy, from now on.

    You see a comb, come out guns blazing.
  8. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    where in pa are ya?
    i think u said you just backcombed 4 weeks ago, and have backcombed a few times again since right?
    1st off, lets see some pics of what we're workin with here..
    2nd..continualy backcombing will only harm your hair..
    ya need to start to just let it be and let time do its thing...
    the 1st few months it'll go through alotta has to to really dread
    all those hairs gotta move around and settle in where theyre confy..
    it takes a lil while but they know what theyre doin...

    the more effortless the process is..the more enjoyable it is
  9. Reverend_Loki

    Reverend_Loki Member

    when I was starting out, I didnt understand what people meant when they said shit like this. I do now.
    It is really uplifting to be able to roll out of bed and not even think about my hair. The only time I fuck with it is if I'm bored and need something to do with my hands.
  10. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    yes yes yes

    i love how at least in rasta culture dreads came out of the spiritual beliefe that no metal should touch your hair, no comb or scissors, yet what is the 1st thing people reach for to get dreads but a metal comb..

    the most beautiful dreads ive ever seen, were grown from birth, and had never known the ripping teeth of any comb

    think about a babies thin and fine ..yet a babies hair will dread on its own in no time if ya just throw away the comb...

    get rid of it...dont even look in a miror for the next 2-3 months...
    after a whole season of not even thinkin bout your hair take a peek at what happened and be surprised..

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