Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by Sunburst, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. Sunburst

    Sunburst Fairy

    Hmm, I was reading a book named "Religions and Cults- A to Z", and I came upon a section on Rastafarians. Cool, right? Yeah, until I read the beliefs section, and it talked about the 6 basic principles of Rasta; Which included the "hatred of white people" and "black supermicy", etc.
    So is this another version of the KKK? I don't think you can be "superior" to others simply because of your skin color. I don't think anyone can be superior at all, persiod. So what's up with all this? I always thought Rastas were just hip people who listened to reggae music, wore those kickass hats:p, smoked pot (not all, but many), and were just really cool. But I pretty much hate the KKK, so is the the "black" equal version of it?
  2. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    The Rastafari's belief is just a factor of the white man's imperialistic regime.
  3. Sunburst

    Sunburst Fairy

    Okay okay! Chill out Tor, I didn't say that they all WERE, I said that's what I read in a Partisan-viewing book on religion, so I asked.
  4. I wouldn't go that far. They're generally more peaceful than the kkk. You don't hear stories of Jamaicans lynching white people, do you? They just believe that Jesus was black and they do have alot of black pride (hence the dreads, which is the natural state of a black person's hair when its grown out). There may be some sense of supremacy, but I think that part of it is mostly just backlash from how they've been treated. They also believe that ganja is a gift sent to them by god, hence all the potheads. I wouldn't get all outraged about it. I don't think Jamaica's planning an invasion anytime soon.

  5. Sunburst

    Sunburst Fairy

    lol Okay, it sounded sorta like they were all white-hating. I think it's a totally kickass lifestyle, and whatever they believe, aweome for them, but the book made it sound like they were black-supremist. I understand how they'de want to backlash, they were treated like hell. I guess I'll do some more reading...
  6. geckopelli

    geckopelli Senior Member

    True Rasta's DO NOT hate whites.

    They hate Babylon, which is ruled by whites, but they are brothers with all oppressed people- whatever color.

    I hate Babylon, too.

    I've intimately known many Rasta men, and the white haters are POSERS.
  7. ive never heard of a bunch or rastafarians going to some white mans house and setting it alight buring them and all they own and lynching people for no reason other than they spoke to a rastafarian and giving a white person an unfair trial in court......

  8. Orsino

    Orsino Member

    Hey, if I were them, i'd feel the same way. The ku klux klan are fucking stupid because they don't know what the hell they're talking about nor do they have any rhyme or reason to torture the african-american or african derived people because of their skin color. Besides, those white anglo saxon christian republican supporterting inbred jethro bodine dumb fucks enslaved them to begin with and if they don't like the fact that during the time of the revolutionary war Patrick Henry said all men were created equally, and they don't like the fact that slavery does not and will not exist as long as I can help it, they can take it up the ass. Now... on the other hand, rastas... I can see their views, not only that, but they don't burn people at the stake.
  9. AT98BooBoo

    AT98BooBoo Senior Member

    If Rastas hated white folks then they would hate Bob Marely because he was half white. His father was an officer in the British army. From time to time The Wailers included white members.As you know Rastas hold Bob Marley in very high esteem. You should read Bob Marley's biography sometime. btw: They say that Bob memorized huge portions of The Bible.

    The Klan SUCKS!!!!!! I should know. I used to live in Arkansas where the Klan is still active.

    Don't believe everything you read.
  10. LuciferSam

    LuciferSam Member

    The Rastafarians aren't racist, they allow people of all races into their religion.

    There's probably more comprehensive info out there but here's some on the Rastafari religion - http://www.bobmarley.com/life/rastafari/
  11. we wouldnt have dreadlocks if the rastas hated us....
  12. Sunburst

    Sunburst Fairy

    Thanks for the link!
  13. borut16

    borut16 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I was gona give her that link! :mad: *just kidding about madness*

    I've read most of the things on that site, and well, Haille Sellasie's(spelling?) quote about racism was sung in the song called War by Bob Marley:
    'Until the day when a phylopshy
    which holds one race superior and another inferior
    is finally and permanently abandoned and discredited
    everywhere is war, me say war.'

    So I wouldn't say they're racistic, not at all.

  14. well im rasta and thats not what i belive...at least thats what i would say if i was rastafienerressns

    PEACE and LOVE
  15. geckopelli

    geckopelli Senior Member

    That ain't a rasta statement.

    I'm not a Rasta, but until one speaks up- a REAL one- you're stuck with me.
  16. meglomaniac

    meglomaniac Member

    you have to watch what books you read, what i noticed most books on cults are written or published by fundamental christians. sometimes very hard to tell.
  17. marymicrogram

    marymicrogram Member

    If they were- it would be a survival mechanism. Every other group of people that have come to America have banded together, agreed to do business with people in that same group, and therefore suceeded in a new country. So I think there's something to black nationalism.

    And I think that since rastafarians actually have a valid complaint against white people- that sets them apart from the KKK. White people actually did something to black people, and still are "doing something". Whereas the cause of the KKK's negativity toward black people isn't because black people enslaved and continued throughout the centuries to oppress the members of the KKK- it's because they're bigoted asses.
  18. lol9912

    lol9912 Guest

    everyone should speak there mind after all if u dont beleive in life after death then u must beleive in life b4 death nd if do b leave in life after death then wot have u got 2 loose

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