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    This may be long, since I like to ramble.

    I have made several posts over the several months I have been in this forum about astrology.

    First, let me point out I follow traditional astrology, and I know that I am in a minority since most people tend to follow modern astrology. In my practice I use the more complex Ptolemaic Essential Dignities system, accidental dignities, and several smaller techniques for specific questions. I also do not use the "modern" planets such as Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune since frankly I don't trust the logic that modern astrologers use to give them meaning. I also do not single out Sun signs for character analysis.

    Since most questions in this forum seem to be whether one Sun sign is compatible with another, I will address a little logic that traditional astrologers use.

    First of all, most of the time, Sun signs aren't used in general character analysis. The Sun may be used for answering specific questions, but the same thing is true for all of the other planets. Both the Sun and Moon are used in a variety of ways to look at health, marriage, children, and so on.

    To do character analysis in traditional astrology, the first things I look at are:

    The rising sign
    The planet who rules that sign
    Whether the ruling planet is aided or afflicted by another planet
    I add the number of points in cardinal, fixed and mutable signs
    I add the number of points in air, fire, earth, and water
    If there are planets in the first house, I take that into account

    There are a few other things as well, but these are the basics. It also matters if the chart is a diurnal or nocturnal chart since in some cases I have to look at different planets. It also matters if the person is a male or female.

    I understand that most people here are not astrologers. I don't mind explaining things. We've all been there right? However, while it's true that many people don't take astrology seriously, I don't understand how people can actually discuss rather flippant subjects - seemingly endlessly. I DO take astrology seriously, and I have seen it work. I also use it for magic as well, and have seen it work there too.

    Astrology is a complex and vast subject. It is not effective when it is reduced to a short item like simple Sun sign analysis. It really doesn't say much at all. Sun signs don't even really tell you who is compatible with who. Period.

    In addition I have even seen many cases, where people get fixated on their Sun sign until they believe this is all they are. When I do the chart, and tell an "Aries" Sun sign person for instance, that their rising sign is Pisces, and give them a detailed reading that they admit is correct, they STILL argue that they are Aries through and through. It just doesn't work this way.

    I'll give a personal example. I am an Aries Sun sign. For years I looked at many different interpretations and still didn't feel that anything applied to me. Someone even told me that there are two Aries - asshole and wimpy. They said I was the wimpy one. How they figured that one out I have no idea. In fact it turned me off of astrology.

    When I finally started learning on my own, I suddenly realized that the reason why none of this made sense is because my rising sign is Sagittarius, and it ruler Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio and perigrine in the 11th house. All of this made much more sense. It wasn't as pretty as I would like, but it made more sense.
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    Thanks for the encouragement! This IS a beginner's forum for the most part, but I don't think it should have to be limited to newspaper style horoscopes.

    Sure some people only see it that way, but some people here are genuinely wanting to learn. It is to those people I sympathize with the most. I admit that I get a bit riled at people who look at this as a game. It's a shame when I read Al-Biruni and I can feel his sincerity, and people just brush this off like it doesn't mean anything.

    Yeah I'm a romantic at heart.
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    I do agree with you here, that this forum isnt based on actual astrology, but it is just peoples views on how they see it - wether or not they have looked into it properly or not.
    I think if there were two sectiones to this part of the forum it would be better - genral intrest and actual astroly. Because, if someone starts going into the whole way of it - as in , planets, movements, suns, moons, etc etc, people get confused if you dont no alot about it...

    im not that knowleagble myself, so i can see how people will get all lost and confused if you go into great detail...

    just a thought...so people dont get too mad?
  4. Enlil6

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    That may not a bad idea. I really don't mind lack of knowledge since we have all been there. My frustration is that so many people just don't seem to care whether there is any actual information being passed or whether it's just idle chatter. It seems like most posts that have actual information - either good or bad, seem to be pretty much ignored.

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