RangerDanger, or anyone for that matter, help.

Discussion in 'Cannabis Outdoors' started by sweetj17, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. sweetj17

    sweetj17 Member

    I've decided that I'm finally going to start growing. :D
    Guerilla growing anyway.

    I started my seeds in a plastic Zip lock baggie with a moist paper towel. 10 germinated, and now I plan to set them up in a 8'x10' space I have picked out in a remote area (I have 4 different spots I will plant 10 plants each in).

    In all my spots, I gathered a lot of brush to create a 3' high barrier that doesnt look awkward and hides the pots, and to keep deer out of my area. I also have used some fishing line.

    My plans are to use small pots (maybe 4"-5" wide) to start my 10 plants.

    Can I start them directly outdoors, and how?

    My friend told me to cover the pots with zip lock bags.
    Will it dry up the soil if I put larger zip lock baggies over the tops of the pots to kind of act like a greenhouse (before they have sprouted)?

    How often do I water them for the first few days before they sprout?

    If so, how often would I have to water them if the pots are in direct and indirect sunlight all day from 7-9?

    I know I'm probably worrying too much about it, after all it is a weed, but I want to get them started soon because it's already the beginning of June.

    I have good soil, it's expensive and it's Miracle Grow.

    All help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    -Ditch the miracle grow. It's crap.
    Instead, go to a plant nursery or large garden center and look for an organic potting soil that is amended with goodie's like bat/bird guano, kelp/seaweed, worm castings & hydrated lime.
    -Plant the germed seeds in 6" planters (you can get used ones free from large nurseries) and keep in the shade until they sprout then move into partial shade then 3 days later into full sun.
    -Water as needed. When they are tiny they may need a bit of water 2x/day. Keep the top 3" of soil lightly moist.
    -no baggie's.
    -Marijuana is not a weed.
  3. sweetj17

    sweetj17 Member

    Thanks a ton, Ranger.

    I'll try to keep updated on my progress. Until then lets hope for the best.
  4. cotter builds

    cotter builds Member

    a 3' barrier wont keep deer out....round here deer can hop over 10' fences around the naval air station

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