random speed boat races and psychological counseling centers???

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by superNova, May 22, 2004.

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    ok i just had the WILDEST dream. now i came in the middle of it apparently it's like when you flip the tv on, and some show is already on. so here's what i know.

    i was in some sort of teenager's psychological counseling place. it was really dark and there were underhanded things going on in the place and with the mayor of the city. these bad things were unspecified. ok so. i'm here, and everone is kinda scary. i go into my room and some other kid who's there starts attacking me with cardboard because he thought i was bad, but just as this is happening, the only good counselor comes in and rescues me. this good counselor is trying to figure out what underhanded things are going on with the mayor.

    about this time, there is apparently going to be a speed boat race. the boats have seats on the underneath part, and well i have no intention of participating in anyway. however, as i'm standing near the race, we're all told we have to hang onto the rafters to get away from the water, so i climb up one, but i fall into one of the boats. there is some kid there in the underneath driving the boat, and the good counselor is up top. so it's ok, i'm on the good boat. but as they're racing along, the man has kept this doll of his grandmother's in the boat with him. (man this dream was psycho). so she's like his guiding spirit or something.

    the good counselor has the ulterior motive of finding out what the misdealings are while we're on the race. as we come around a corner though, we get to this escalator that just goes down into the center of the city or something, like the sewers. we slam on the .. boat brakes? and anyway, the doll like flies out and the kid starts freaking out cause he's going to get in trouble. so i tell him to go get it! but he's too scared, so i go!

    and it's dark as hell, and i have no idea where i'm going! just going down on this dark escalator it was WILD. so i get down there and it just empties out into this water, so i grab onto the edge of the bottom, and look down, and there's the doll's head. and low and behold the doll says something to me. some name. and i yell that up to the guys at the top, and they start talking about the name and why no one should have known about it.

    and somehow, this solves the mystery of what the underhanded dealings were and they love me.

    and i woke up, confused as hell and now i'm writing this out for you guys to read.

    any interpretations would be VERY WELCOMED!!!
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    ok i'll give it a shot ;)

    -the counseling place= this world. it can be dark and underhanded sometimes,
    and sometimes we're all teenagers in need of counseling. :p
    -the mayor= satan/GWBush/darth vader??? the dark side... the imposing scaryness.
    -the kid attacking you with cardboard= the things of this world, affecting you, but unable to actually do you any damage. stuff happens, but you can let it just roll off your back. as much as cardboard is an effective weapon, does the world get to you.
    -the good counselor= thy guru or spiritual mentor, guiding you through the darkness.

    -the boats and the water= boats are vehicles for one's particular trip. if consciousness is an ocean, we pack all of our psychological baggage onto a boat, and go sailing. you had no intention of participating in this silly game, but you had no choice, and fell in the boat anyway. the kid(things of this world) and the good counselor(thy guru) are still with you, and still acting out their roles with regards to you.
    -the race= maybe the contest between good and evil, or light and dark??
    or more basically, the race/game of life.
    -the grandmother's doll=perhaps an object-attachment to the past??
    or like you suggested, a kind of icon/spiritual thing.

    -the good counselor and you are continuing the search for the truth of the matter.
    -the escalator down= the subterranean journey under the ocean of consciousness, for that truth!! the descent into darkness to find the light!!
    -the doll falling out= physical loss and the attachment to it. and your compassion for humanity is in your willingess to jump out of the boat to get the doll for the scared kid, regardless of what might happen to you.

    -down at the very bottom, you find the head of the spiritual icon, the godhead, and it speaks to you from the depths. it tells you the the name, the truth, the light. and that indeed solves the mystery of the underhanded dealings, even if you didn't fully comprehend it. the truth is too big for us to completely understand, as human beings. but the mere mention of it translates into clarity and love.

    this is my take on it. hope it makes some sense :) ~*

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