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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Jadess, May 19, 2004.

  1. Jadess

    Jadess Member

    Hey, I'm a bit of a rebel i sneak out of skool aqnd come back totally stoned, (i go to a boarding skool) I smoke up every night and morning, in my bathroom at skool, and i do a bunch of other shiet. yet i always get good grades, and all the teachers think im sooooo innocent. Another thing i thought id post here while im being totaly random is people are soooooooooooooo annoying!! I mean...they're just weird, i can't belive i have to take time out of my own fucking day to listen to their useless chitchat....on nothing that i care about........ newayz....i cant be bothered to type nemore....layterz
  2. Newbie

    Newbie Member

    yeah... that was random
  3. MBastard

    MBastard Member

    bro...... WHAT?
  4. PeRrY

    PeRrY Member

    *Random thoughts forum*
  5. Yeah, dont come here with your little pointless ,kissass teachers pet bullshit!!!!
  6. Boy you are a rebel. I cant believe you do a bunch of other shit. Whats that, like throw wet toilet paper at the wall of the bathroom at summer school?Or were you caught fisting bunny rabbits and huffin bisquick in there? Point is, your not impressing us with your "too good for us" attitude, so bring it somewhere else dick!
  7. Jadess

    Jadess Member

    im sorry for writing this....I for one do not remember writing this, but I am sorry for offfending the human race (which I do love dearly) and for sounding sooo up myself... I'm not like this usually I don't know what I was thinking (literally) Sorry once again.
  8. Jadess

    Jadess Member

    ooo...and i am anything but teacher's pet....
  9. lol gotta love stream of consciousness.
  10. LivingLegends

    LivingLegends Senior Member

    layterz....... lol

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