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Discussion in 'Music' started by Peasento, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. Peasento

    Peasento Member

    Does anyone on here like...Celtic? Or perhaps just any old, old (i.e. around Medieval period. roughly) European or Middle Eastern music. All that traditional stuff. Or let's try for some choral or Gregorian chant type stuff? Exactly, ROCK ON!!

    They play at most of the Renaissance festivals in Texas and they're really good. They play a little of everything; some Greek, Middle Eastern, Celtic. You can listen to a bit on their site.
  2. there is a HUGE renaissance festival in Norman, OK every year -- ever make it up to that one?
  3. Peasento

    Peasento Member

    Wooo! My cousin and his friends whom I love so so dearly and are into the Renaissance scene too go to that one. Have you been to it? Is it any good? That's awesome. He's gonna try to sell some of his chainmaille there next year, I think. Now I'm all excited. Ren fests get me happy.
  4. Na, I'm not really into the Res. festival stuff. I just remember that it is pretty big, and I used to meet people in town (when I lived there) from TX, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, etc.

    There's a Res festival here in CO, in Larkspur, that goes on weekends for several weeks. The scenery is beautiful.

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