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    I quit praying for rainbows,
    The night I discovered you.
    I let my worries fall to the ground
    The way our clothes had.
    Shed off layers of that oily skin of a past
    And looked over your shoulder,
    At a future I desired.

    On the nights when you were away,
    I packed away old doubts,
    Hung their slippery silhouettes,
    Silencing them with darkness.
    They obeyed limp as bats.
    As they slept, I waited.

    I am counting your absence
    Not in days, but rather by the pictures on the calendar.
    This month there is a blonde girl smiling on her bicycle,

    She mocks me like an angel.

    I believe she knows more than I ever did.
    Last week a neighbor brought me,
    A stained glass rainbow,
    I fastened to the window, but it refused to live
    It shattered like beautiful icing,
    I wanted to lick off the floor,
    As I remembered,
    The tenderness you caused.

    Last night, I threw out the calendar.
    I couldn't stand that smile another day,
    The kind of smile that stretches across a face perfectly,
    The dazzling sort that catches light.
    As I turned over her smile in my hands

    I found a rainbow.

    I laughed for hours at her clever secret,
    I taped it to the fridge.
    People look at it funny,
    Think it is collage,
    It is just a way I like to remember.

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