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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by paix, May 9, 2005.

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    Please do not reply to this post. If you have any questions or comments, please start a new thread.

    This thread is a colaborative effort, and is not in any way an official representation of rainbow.

    Hello and welcome home! This should answer some of your basic questions and help you figure out basically what the Rainbow Family of Living Light is all about.

    A pretty accurate description is "the largest non-organization with the most non-members"

    First of all, there is no such thing as "members" here, if you have a bellybutton you are a Rainbow. (And even if you don't have a belly-button, you're still family)

    If you have a short attention span and are already tired of reading this post, there is a short and sweet description over here (second post): http://www.digihitch.com/ftopict-1999.html

    Your best basic resources are www.welcomehome.org (for historical info, stories, and lightlines, but the site is no longer updated) and www.welcomehere.org (for calendars and things like that, always being updated)

    Before you do anything, I suggest going to welcomehome.org and going to the "general info" section. There are quite a few articles on why we gather, the permit issue, and some great links.

    Then go to "historical stuff" where you can find Native American prophesies about the warriors of the rainbow, tons of photos, past gathering sites, and lots more good info.

    Once you've digested some of that, or even before, head over to the section called "rainbow clans" and you can find some family in your neck of the woods, it's divided into "North American rainbow" (the US and Canada) and "International rainbow" (Europe and all other places not in North America) On that same page you'll find links to the sites of lots of kitchens and camps to explore.

    To find Rainbows near you, you can also call a lightline, here is the list from welcomehome. It has not been updated in some time, so if the number is out of order, post and ask here.

    Florida Lightline (352) 463-0450
    California Rainbow (916) 747-6269
    Colorado Lightline (303) 595-1077
    Dutch RB Info-line 020 468 3344
    Rhode Island LightLine (401) 785-3175
    Philadelphia LightLine (215) 701-7233
    North East Rainbow Family NERF (845) 774-4100
    North West Tribes Hotline (503) 727-2498 (Portland OR)
    Mid Atlantic Hotline 202 797-3625 (Washington DC)
    HO! Lightline (770) 662-6112 (Atlanta)
    OM Valley Rainbow (513) 956-1675
    Great Lakes Rainbow (Ann Arbor MI) 734-761-4243
    New York City lightline 212 560-7111
    Dallas Drum Hotline 214.823.DRUM
    Arizona Moonlit Gatherings (602) 306-DRUM or go to the MoonLit Gatherings web site.
    Last updated Jan, 13, 2002

    There is a Rainbow glossary located here (take it with a grain of salt...): http://www.welcomehome.org/rainbow/info/glossary.html

    Now, if you feel up to it, you can check out welcomehere.org. I should say here that there is some controversy and politics surrounding welcomehere. Now, personally, I don't know what it's about, and I've got no opinion one way or the other on it, I'm simply including this as a possible source of information for all you out there to do with as you will, since it would pop up in any google search you would do on your own. So just to be clear, I'm not taking a stance one way or another on the argument, because I know nothing about it, I'm neutral.

    There are forums there as well, and a couple links to other rainbow forums (including this one), that are worth checking out, for variety and curiosity's sake.

    Now, before we get into anymore links, I'm going to answer as many basic questions as I can.

    As I said before, there are no members, come with an open mind, an open heart and be ready to pitch in, that's all. There is no money exchanged at gatherings, you don't need a ticket to get in, but if you have money that you can spend, it's appreciated if you donate to the magic hat, which goes to buying food and essentials at the gathering.

    There are no rules about possessions or where to live, there is family that lives in homes, in busses, or out of a backpack.

    There are as many different sides to rainbow as there are people, and you're pretty much guaranteed to get a different answer about what it is from everyone you ask. So what rainbow is exactly, well, a good post on it can be found here: http://hipforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=32356
    There's a great little definition of it at the beginning of welcomehome.org

    with that said, I'll give you some links to look at.

    a great ride share can be found here: http://kindrideshare.net/rideshare.html honestly, I'd go there before the one at welcomehere, it's been around longer and is just all around a better one (in my opinion)

    another fantastic 101 sort of site, that's real simple is http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Museum/6864/manual.htm
    that's got your basic breakdown of everything you may need to know, from main gate, to council. I highly suggest reading through that one.

    for a groovy "virtual rainbow" tour, you can go to this site ---> http://members.aol.com/gypsyvideo/

    For some great videos, songs, and stories, check out SpunOne productions, located here: http://www.spunoneproductions.com/
    I suggest listening to the stories first, they're wonderful and all from a brother called Little Hawk.

    Alt.Gathering.Rainbow is a newsgroup that has been in existence for many years, and is often subject to Ôflame-warsÕ and other discouraging content. If you post there, be careful about telling them about this forum. We donÕt want it to get as crazy as it is over there.

    So, that's the extent of it really. You can get a lot of info from the links I've put here, but your best bet for understanding rainbow is to find family near you and experience it yourself. Nothing beats firsthand experience, in fact, I knew near nothing about rainbow at my first gathering, and while I wish I had know a couple things, I learned more in 5 days of experience than a year of reading online information could have ever taught me.

    The most important things to remember are, be kind, we are all family no matter how we dress or even if we consider ourselves rainbow or not, treat others as you would like them to treat you. Be ready to work, things don't get done by themselves, if something needs to be done, do it, if someone is doing something, ask to help. Find a job you like and can be good and useful at and do it. Be respectful of the site, and the earth in general, pick up after yourself, and if you see trash around, pick it up and throw it away or recycle it. We want the land to look better than when we got there. Stay for clean-up! If you want to be treated as family, act like it.
    And most importantly, WE LOVE YOU
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    I just moved to Houston from San Diego and I miss the San Diego drum scene. But I did find this place called the Last Concert Cafe that is a hippie haven for sure. On Wednesday nights they have the best drum circle around. Even thought itis a public establishment, you have to knock at the door to get in. That is because it is pretty liberal outside in the back stage area and the owners, I imagine, don't want any surprise visitors. Its nice to find a Rainbow place when you are lost and lonely in a new city.
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    I just edited and took out the dead links, if anyone finds any other dead links, or new ones to put in, PM me.

    Also, folks PLEASE DO NOT post here, start a new thread or something.

    (ps, I figured out how to use bold like 2 minutes ago, it's very exciting)
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    For everyone who didn't get it:
    the Gathering in the United States is July 4 week.

    It is announced in June at www.welcomehome.org or www.welcomehere.org .
    look for Howdy letter.
    please read thru a couple of pages of threads before asking where the gatherinhg is was or will be. Please don't ask questions that we are already discussing. Join in.
    I've fought to keep this board unmodded, officially.
    I do housecleaning when alerted.
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