Racist America !!!

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by Vladimir Illich, May 6, 2020.

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    A Black man was shot by an ex-cop and his son whilst out 'jogging' in February. Camera evidence shows he was 'entirely innocent' but the former Policeman and his son remain free and have not been charged with 'murder' !!!

    Joe Biden demands justice in ‘jogging while black’ killing in Georgia

    Staff writer
    May 6th 2020 4:39PM
    Joe Biden is demanding justice in the case of a black jogger who was shot and killed in a caught-on-video confrontation with an ex-police officer and his son.

    The Democratic presidential candidate says a video of the killing shows "Ahmaud Arbery was killed in cold blood," in the February 23 shooting — and he called for a "transparent investigation into his murder."

    Arbery, 25, was running through a neighbourhood outside Brunswick, Georgia, in broad daylight when ex-cop Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis, apparently started following him in a pickup truck.

    After Travis McMichael brandished a rifle at Arbery, the two men scuffled. Arbery was shot three times and later died of his wounds.

    No charges have been filed and the McMichaels remain free. A local prosecutor reportedly says he plans to empanel a grand jury to investigate the killing, but has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

    Black leaders call the killing a case of "jogging while black". They want the McMichaels charged with murder and jailed immediately.

    A video taken by another motorist appears to confirm that Arbery did nothing to provoke the confrontation. Gregory McMichael told police that he and his son followed the jogger and sought to detain him because they believed he resembled a suspect in a recent string of break-ins.

    Protests over the killing have been muted so far due to the pandemic. But a crowd of residents Tuesday confronted a local sheriff who pleaded for patience with the probe.
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  2. mysticblu21

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    :(So much annoying injustice sadness in this cruel scary horrible chaotic world:cry::( :(:-((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
  3. Ok this is very sad! But calling America racist is far from the truth. Yes racist people exist. Aren’t you a globalist? If one is a globalist should that person stop pointing fingers at countries? This can be said about every country. Calling this incident racist as well, I don’t know. Vigilante justice. Sometimes it is a crime, which it appears to be in this case.

    Sometimes I just don’t care about vigilante justice, sometimes people step in where the law fails. Like with Ken McElroy, who was killed in 1981. 44 + witnesses and no one spoke up. Shot in broad daylight in the street by several guns. Ken McElroy - Wikipedia

    these guys above I don’t know the details but I am sure they will be convicted once a grand jury can be assembled and are being held in prison. Don’t know that it can be assumed it was a racially motivated act either, as you have done. Have they been granted bail?
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  4. Meliai

    Meliai Banned

    They haven't even been charged.
  5. Running Horse

    Running Horse A Buddha in hiding from himself

    Poor bastard.....picked the wrong neighborhood.
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  6. mysticblu21

    mysticblu21 Member

  7. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Looks like Biden thinks he has some votes to win here :p
  8. Running Horse

    Running Horse A Buddha in hiding from himself

    Certainly wouldn't give two shits otherwise brother man
  9. WritersPanic

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    Yea, this is pretty bad. Brunswick is a hotbed of racial shit. A few years ago a black guy shot a white baby in the face because his mother didn't have any money. He's in prison and will likely die there. Since these two killers are tied to law enforcement, you can bet the local oinkers are running interference for them. They always take care of "one of their own", even when guilty as hell (of course it's too early to make that claim in this case).

    What sucks is to have someone like LeBron James stir the pot with his claim "we're being hunted", based on a single event. And I say a single event because LeBron is completely silent about who is really hunting down and killing black men in the US. A hint, it's other black men.

    As for Brunswick, you won't likely see any marches there or riots. The local oinkers won't tolerate it. And they'll call all their "brothers in arms" from Jacksonville who will gladly lend a hand. That whole area is a pocket of the 1950s when it comes to cops, I avoid it completely.
  10. WritersPanic

    WritersPanic Bannnd on the run Staff Member

    Yea, but bigotry is OK as long as you can attach it to Americans. Especially the white ones.
  11. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    On the other hand: acknowledging white privilege is a thing is not bigotry. It can be when done unnuanced ('we're being hunted').
  12. Meliai

    Meliai Banned

    I hardly think you can really blame a black man for using phrasing like "we're being hunted" when a black man was murdered while jogging and minding his business 2 months ago and his killers still haven't been arrested, and when this fits a pattern seen again and again in this country

    Like why is that even a concern when the concern should be...why haven't these men been charged yet
  13. That's crazy private citizens can't just go around toting guns "detaining" kidnapping people cause they believe they resemble someone.

    I think you have to be direct witness a crime to do that citizen arrest thing.

    Found the video HookTube

    This is the neighborhood on Zillow https://www.trulia.com/GA/Brunswick,149417,Satilla_Shores/

    I bet the prices go down now.

    maps Google Maps

    "Citizen's Arrests

    As a private citizen, you have no authority to arrest anyone with a warrant. Without a warrant, you may arrest anyone who commits a mis-demeanor or a felony in your presence or with your immediate knowledge. A citizen's arrest occurs when a citizen prevents a suspect from leaving a scene. Citizen's arrest most often happens in cases like shoplifting, when the store's manager detains the suspected offender. However, as the following example shows, the manager or employee cannot make such an arrest in every case.

    In Winn Dixie Stores Inc. v. Nichols, 205 Ga. App. 308, 422 S.E. 2d 209 (1992), a Winn Dixie customer complained to management that another customer stole her wallet. The court held that the limited rights of merchants to detain or arrest a person reasonably believed to have committed a shoplifting offense do not authorize a merchant to detain or arrest individuals accused by store patrons of committing crimes against other patrons. To make the arrest, an employee would have had to actually see the criminal act committed. Therefore, it was ruled that management had no authority to arrest the alleged criminal.The court suggested that the only person who could have made the citizen's arrest was the robbed customer herself.

    When making a citizen's arrest, a person may not use more force than is reasonable to make the arrest. Deadly force is limited to self-defense or to instances in which such force is necessary to prevent certain felonies.

    It must be stressed that the right of private citizens to make a citizen's arrest is limited. They cannot arrest people for violating local ordinances or regulations because these violations are not technically crimes as defined by state law.Therefore, as a private citizen, you would not have the authority to arrest a person who is creating a disturbance by making too much noise. In addition, a private person can only make a citizen's arrest for the purpose of bringing the suspect before a judicial officer""

    GeorgiaLegalAid.org | A guide to free and low-cost legal aid, assistance and services in Georgia
  14. WritersPanic

    WritersPanic Bannnd on the run Staff Member

    It's not a matter of blame, it's a matter of bullshit. The cops kill far more white guys and nobody gives a flying crap. And I do mean NOBODY.
  15. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    i agree that the big concern is why they haven't been charged yet. of course, the reason is that one was an ex-cop. and everyone should be concerned about the fact that the police are allowed to go around killing people for the hell of it with no consequences.

    it is kind of frustrating how it's always turned into a racial issue. so many non-black people are murdered by the police and that's just perfectly fine for some reason.
  16. WritersPanic

    WritersPanic Bannnd on the run Staff Member

  17. Video was posted online 5 days ago. I guess things are working differently right now with regards to the courts, arrests, etc. Hard to gather a grand jury right now and difficult to put people in jail right now too because of it, Here they are simply releasing people. I really don’t believe you can blame this delay on racism either. the grand jury process of which a panel of citizens sits together to hear testimony from police officers and others to decide whether to issue a criminal indictment charging a fellow citizen with a crime. Do you want charges laid without a panel of citizens in the USA deciding on whether there is enough evidence to warrant charges? There is a thing called due process. The individuals can be detained, but certain things must happen as well, if due process is not met the individuals will get off, as their rights have been violated.

    Criminal Procedures

    so what do you want done here? Detained without due process? Then, because the accused rights are violated they get off? They can’t right now gather the 23 people.

    see 5th & 6th amendment and the 14th amendment (due process)
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  18. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    is this considered a federal crime? a regular grand jury is only 12 people (i think, it's been a few years since i was on it).

    everything else is done over zoom these days. i wonder why a grand jury couldn't find some alternative way to meet other than crowding into a small room.
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  19. yes murder is federal, a jury is 12, grand jury is 23 citizens. They decide if there is enough evidence for it to go to trial. The accused decides if they want a judge or jury trial.
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  20. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    i know what a grand jury is, that's what i was on. i think there were 12 of us; i'm 100% sure there were not 23.

    that's why i was asking if it was federal, because a non-federal grand jury is a lot smaller.

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