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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Balbus, Jun 1, 2020.

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    Yes - slash the benefits - because those old folks are getting along soooooo well with the meager SS checks. That is the REPUBLICANS' method of "reform."

    The financial services industry has been pressuring the REPUBLICAN PARTY for years to do away with Social Security ( which guarantees a set payout ) because they want access to investors' money. They can gamble with those investors' money in a "de-regulated" system - de-regulation again courtesy of the REPUBLICAN PARTY - and profit hugely from commissions, fees, etc. Employers also want SS done away with because it mandates a set percentage amount to be paid into the system for every employee. If that were to disappear, they could contribute much less money for the employee - if they even contributed anything at all - and pocket that "retirement money " for themselves.

    Given the business environment of offshoring, outsourcing, automation, = job elimination …………….. what evidence does anyone see for an employer to willingly contribute enough into a 401-K for employees to retire in a decent way?? And NO 401-K is guaranteed!! Money in the stock market is a gamble at best. Financial companies TELL you there is risk. Social Security at least is guaranteed for older people.

    Further …………. with the millions of jobs that have been off-shored, and the millions more that economists say will be lost to automation in the coming years …………….. how does anyone see employers "creating jobs" to even have retirement contributions for??

    Money drives everything - and employers want as much to be kept in their pockets as possible.
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  2. erofant

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    This quote should have been included with the above post.
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    let us not forget that those with money also like to have their cake and eat it, as the saying goes, we are constantly told that playing the markets is a risk, investments can go down as well as up, yes, it's a bit like gambling on horses, you cannot guarantee a win every time. So how come they think they can, look at insurance companies, they take peoples money for years without a claim, yet premiums rarely if ever come down. The minute they make a claim they ramp up the premium.
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    Please, ........ do Republicans really want to abolish Social Security ? I dont think so.

    The system is losing money, and will require an eventual bailout. State pension systems will need a bailout too.

    This is our issue. not Republicans cancelling SS.

    Will young voters approve a SS bailout that they may not even participate in?

    How much the haircut?

    Younger voters may be more concerned with student loan balances; and will want a settlement.

    That is three big bailouts:

    Social Security
    State Pension Systems
    Student Loans
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    Please...Yes, important elements of the Republican leadership would like to abolish or "privatize" Social Security (ordinary Republicans, not so much). Republicans' Public Opposition To Social Security And Medicare
    The Republican Obsession With Dismantling Social Security And Medicare | HuffPost
    Republicans Want to Sacrifice Your Social Security But Not Their Tax Cuts | Washington Monthly
    Senate Republicans Set Sights On Cutting Social Security
    They've been trying to do this, off and on, since Social Security was introduced, and came damned close under G.W. Bush. Paul Ryan and his crew took up the cause since then. They've downplayed this in the past, since it became known as the "third rail" of American politics, and is unpopular with old folks and Republican suburbanites. But the Trump's tax cut set the stage by adding to the deficit to the point that entitlement programs seem inevitable. Trump says he's willing to cut entitlements to reduce the deficit.
    Trump scrambles after accidentally sharing Social Security plan
    Trump says he's willing to cut entitlements to shrink the $23 trillion national debt | Markets Insider
    Trump says reforming Social Security and Medicare is 'the easiest of all things' as he appears open to cutting entitlement spending | Markets Insider
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    Social Security has been a target of the wealthy for decades. First of all the major reason S S is losing money (an insane term in this context) is because the baby boomers are now collecting benefits. This is not an indefinite situation. As the next generation rises, payments out will go down and receipts rise. Ever since RR, AKA Mother Theresa, washed S S in with the rest of the Federal budget there has been a growing issue. Other nations not shackled by Republicans, saw the baby boomers aging and made sure funds would be available. So a quick fix would be to eliminate the cap on income subject to the tax, guess who doesn’t like this.
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    Huff post leans about as far left as fox leans right
  8. granite45

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    Not even close: this just indicate how distorted perceptions have become. I wish the left had a fraction of the power attributed to them by the conspiratorial right.
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    What about Forbes? That Steve Forbes is a real leftie!
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    jeesus hyperbole and angst

    In fact, the Social Security system isn't going broke. ... Those reserves are slated to be depleted in 2035, the Social Security trustees said in its 2019 report. But that does not mean Social Security will be gone by 2035. Instead, retirees at that point will see a 20% cut in their benefits, the trustees say.Feb 12, 2020
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    Gotta love that term used by the lying, hypocritical REPUBS ……………………. "entitlements" …………..like it was coming out of their pockets.

    And YES - we ARE entitled to our SS money ……….. because a large amount of FICA tax was taken off my paychecks (and everyone else's) over the years. And how much more hypocritical can those blood-sucking leeches in Congress be than to slash - or even suggest slashing - our SS retirement money, Medicare & Medicaid benefits, when those bastards get a hyper-fat retirement package with full medical care for them and their families ………………… paid for by us taxpayers!!!!! It was reported in the newspapers and I believe the Reader's Digest that when Bob Dole retired from the Senate, he got over $300,000 per year - more than he made when he was in Congress!!!! Many of those corrupt slugs make more when they retire than when they "work."

    Is it any wonder that when the American public is polled on which jobs / positions are the LEAST respected by the population ……………. Congress tops the list of least respected, followed by corporate CEO's and executives. They are viewed as scum. A fitting position for them.

    Let's propose - NO ………. DEMAND - a slashing of Congress' retirement benefits to the same level as the avg. American retiree ………….. who actually DID work during their career. To me - since they work for US and NOT the other way around - that turn-about is fair, and since we pay for those muck-mouths, we should have the final say on what retirement they get. $1000 per month ought to keep them in cereal and hot dogs, and maybe pay for the heat bill.

    The judgement and justice of Almighty God awaits.
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    Tishomingo...... I read your links.
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