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Discussion in 'Cacti Delecti' started by j_red, May 14, 2007.

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    Ready made for an IPA extraction, San Pedro powder can do the job. Provided the website is reputable and A) actually sends it B) actually sends San Pedro Powder as opposed to...something else.

    If you are ordering from USA it wont make it through customs if examined. Nor will dried cactus skins. The USA insists upon doing its citizen's thinking for them, hence the bother...

    Though some are willing to consume the necessary amount as a powder, its recommended to make a tea from it, or complete an IPA extraction and consume the results...If legal in your area.
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    if examined by customs they will test the powder for cocaine, etc. it will test negative for all the usual things and they will send it on your way. if you want to see whether or not your source is legit, i suggest using undrug.org
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    This is not correct. Check the DEA website. IF they open it, AND they test it, it is positive for mescaline which is a controlled substance. Mescaline is a low priority drug when the DEA shakes out its budget on the map, but it is still illegal. The daily reports on the DEA website do have incidences where dried san pedro from overseas was pulled; which is why most order from inside the US, because if your order is pulled by customs, your shipper will not reimburse you. You take your chances.

    This poster appears not to be from US, so...
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    yeah but they don't generally test for mescaline. i had a kilo of this stuff from the same supplier held up at customs and they sent it right on over afterwards. not even a love letter.

    now, purchasing the "inca tea" from this place may be of concern because of it's cocaine content. no shit mescaline is illegal, but it's not the main concern of the DEA, thus they do not generally waste their time and money testing for it.
  6. Ancient One

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    I agree. If youre correct, yahoo!, the process of preparing, drying, crushing, etc, is exhaustive, and best left to others. However, the archived daily reports on the DEA website does include a description of a stopped and tested shipment. Keep in mind that the DEA is annoying but not stupid. They will test for whats indicated. The manifest probably says cactus, and obviously isnt pot or coke. As such they may check the box that says mescaline on the test sheet in addition to the usuals. You may want to consider that what you received did not test positive for mescaline so they sent it on. There are other Phenylthalamine alkaloids which are part of the san pedro experience which may not be currently schedule one, and may have constituted the bulk of your shipment. Not telling you you had a "placebo" effect trip, but if you got the shipment after testing, then it contained no controlled substances in significant quantities. That's not exactly a great recommendation for the supplier, if thats what people were ordering it for.

    If customs stops the shipment, and the DEA flags it, and the lab tests it, and they test for mescaline, and the test is positive, you MAY lose your shipment without refund, thats all...

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