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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by SwiRly, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. SwiRly

    SwiRly Member

    Tomorrow i am going to buy 2 bottles of robitussin and each 5 ml tablespoon contains 30mg of dxm. What is a good enough dose to hallucinate and feel the dissociative effects. What can I do to not puke, does orange juice help? If you puke will the trip end? I am planning on mixing it with sprite, my friends tell me to sip on it throughout the night. I was planning on adding 12 shots, which is 360mg dose for my first time. Is that a strong enough dose and how long should I take to drink it?

    thanks for your time, i am a newbie, but this is supposively going down tomorrow, so any tips would be amazing.
  2. nofx1422

    nofx1422 Member

    360mg wont be overly intense, 500mg is a decent dose. I used to just chug the bottle over about 30mins, never vomited from it, but friends have and they still trip. I can imagine mixing it with sprite might not be the best idea, better 200ml of something as opposed to 500ml of something thats still gonna take like shit.

    I didnt mind drinking it the first couple of times, but now I cant even eat cherry-flavoured anything because it reminds me of robitussin...yuck
  3. SwiRly

    SwiRly Member

    so if i take 500mg i will get the effects I desire? hallucinations and dissociation? I never did a dissocative drug, what is it like, if u can possibly describe it. Will I be freaking out? Do I need a sober sitter and will I overdose and die from 500 mg. I am just trying to be safe and gather knowledge about what im doing. My friends told me you feel drunk as hell at first, then it gets weird. I dont know, i am just looking for a new experience, I am doing it with my friend, and I guess now were gonna do 500mg cuz we want to trip.
  4. beatlerific

    beatlerific not like other girls

    dxm sucks.
    it's miserable.
    i've only done it once and the one time i did it, i felt retarded and couldn't stop scratching. i felt like a crackhead... there were invisible itches i had the entire time. my face was REALLY hot and red and uncomfortable. i couldn't socialize with people.
    it fucking sucks. save your money and get some worthwhile drugs.
  5. SwiRly

    SwiRly Member

    is it really that bad? Did you use robotussin with just dxm in it, because there are other chemicals in other syrups that have shit that makes you itchy.. ahh idk i just want to do this and i planned it for tomorrow with my friend. are you sure 50mg isnt too much for a first time user of 130lbs. erowid says weight has a lot to do with how you are affected.
  6. nofx1422

    nofx1422 Member

    Some people like it, some hate it, after a few months of abuse Ill never touch that shit again. Im 65kg, the first time i took it was 600mg. 500mg will get you fucked up. If youre worried about it being too much then take less, and you wont OD on 500mg. Ive taken up to 1200mg, once and only once. Robitussin DX is what you want, make SURE it doesnt have any other active ingrediants.

    I personally dont think 500mg is too much, but it really depends on you and youre exp. with drugs and how comfortable you are with yourself. Ketamine is a MUCH better dissociative
  7. SwiRly

    SwiRly Member

    ive done shrooms, i smoke weed daily, and i have done E 5 times. by knowing that will 500mg be too less or too much? i am doing it today so any of suggestions and advice would be awesome! thanks
  8. Nitrusx

    Nitrusx Banned

    DXM is cool, but you must remember the 4 platues.

    1st - A very mild buzz, slight euphoria. This is around 150-250mg
    2nd - A much stronger yet enjoyable high. The second platue is often compared to being drunk and stoned at the same time. Dose is around 300-450mg
    3rd- Now your starting to trip. Some hallucinations are apperent. Some people claim this stage to be uncomfortable. Dose is 500 - 650mg
    4th - The fourth platue is a very strange place. You a pretty much in a full blown dissociative state. It can be one of the best things, or one of the most horrific things. Frankley I was too scared to go to 4th. Dose is 800mg + (I wouldnt go more then 1500)

    So decide what platue you want to go to and dose accordingly.
  9. SwiRly

    SwiRly Member

    ive been drunk and high many times, so i think i will go to the 3rd plateau and trip. I have a bottle of robitussin, and it has 2 active ingredients, the other is called guaifenesin, which i am pretty sure is what makes you violently puke. So I shouldnt use this one correct? if i get one with just dxm i shouldnt get sick?
  10. beatlerific

    beatlerific not like other girls

    yes, it's really that bad. it's a stupid, stupid waste of money.
    if you've done shrooms and e, why would you want to even do dxm?
    and being drunk and high has nothing to do with the outcome of a dxm experience. if i were you, i'd stay away completely.
  11. Nitrusx

    Nitrusx Banned

    dude do an agent lemon extraction on that bottle of syrup. He makes PURE DXM. No puke and no robo-itch, just a nice clean trip. I leave you with the link..

    It's sooooo easy, you have to be retarted to not ablt to do it.
  12. nofx1422

    nofx1422 Member

    You really want to avoid guaifenesin, dont take it if theres any otyher active ingrediants. Better safe than sorry
  13. SwiRly

    SwiRly Member

    there is one ingredient other than dxm, which is USP, idk what that is, i bought two bottles with USP because none had just DXM. Do you think 500 mgs is a good starting dose for my first time?
  14. Grim

    Grim Wandering Wonderer

    Contrary to popular belief, DXM can be enjoyable.
    Research it on Erowid, and learn how to take the proper dose, and how to keep it safe. There are plenty of ways to get DXM into you without having to nuke your poor kidneys with a gallon of cough syrup.

    It can be very powerful, so don't presume it's just going to give you a little buzz. At the higher plateaus it is on par with any other hallucinogenic as far as intensity can go, so make sure you study up on it.

    Also, it often takes a long time to start working, and in the meantime you'll just get some mild effects. Most people assume these mild beginning bits are the whole experience, and immediately decide DXM sucks forevermore. Just research the right dose for you, and if you take it, take it with an open mind - don't "expect" anything, just let it come if and when it does.
  15. SwiRly

    SwiRly Member

    alright thanks for the advice.
  16. uplink

    uplink Member

    I'd start with 200-300mg... and make sure you drink cough syrup with ONLY DXM.

    Grim couldn't be more right. I think it's better to start with cough syrup or pills (if you can find them) to see if you like it.
  17. f(Ø)

    f(Ø) Member

    If I haven't already missed you, let me expound what I can on DXM since I used to be pretty into it.

    First of all, dose always depends on body weight, and I've found (this is purely subjective right here) that dose ranges for DXM vary wildly from person to person.

    Dextromethorphan is a pretty finiky drug in general, like most dissociatives. For instance, a large number of people itch violently on it and puke up anything they've eaten that day. I never once got an itch or experienced emesis, though one time I was a little nauseous. I wouldn't recomend eating anything right before hand, and certainly not anything greasy. One of the reasons people are likely to get nausea or vomiting from detromethophan is that cough syrup is not designed to be chuged. The high sugar content, the menthol, the alcohol, and other innactive ingredients will not sit well in your stomach. Gelcaps aren't much better in this respect. Twenty or more pills in your stomach will probably make you queasy. I very rarely felt sick, but it happens to a LOT of people and it would be disengenuous of me to pretend that it's not common just because I didn't experience that effect.

    Another aspect in preparing for a dissociative experience is to prepare for strangness. This is very subjective once again, but I think dissociatives are the most difficult drugs to acclimate to. Dextromethorphan in particular can be kind of odd. The higher the dose, the less coherent your thoughts and sensory perceptions become. Even on a second plateau dose (as stated usually somewhere in the 300-400mg range) the world takes on a "fake" quality. I used to say it was like dreaming you were drunk.

    So on to the real recomendations and reasoning behind them where aplicable.

    To start with, a disclaimer: I wouldn't recomend dextromethorphan at all personally. While it is not particularly physically addictive (it is in fact somewhat physically counter-addictive, the more you do it the more you body will scream at your brain when you try to do it), it can be pretty psychologically addictive. I had a pretty bad habbit with the stuff for a while (when I say habbit, I mean I almost fucked up some things in my life because of it, so I'm not talking about casual use and just trying to be dramatic about it). I've known a couple of other guys who've gone through rough times with it. All the literature plays down any real potential for addiction, but honestly it really depends on the individual. The other thing is that it can be very bad on your eyes and nervous system with regular use. This is bassed on studies I've read and consulting with a private practitioner about it (and just to let you know, this was not biased information... the private MD said LSD was safe physically which is pretty much true).

    Now, if you still want to do it, these are my other recomendations and warnings--

    1) Go for a second plateau trip. The first plateau is honestly more annoying than anything in my experience. Also, people who start out at the first plateau (not many since it's very easy to overshoot) tend to get a diminshed view of the drug's power. You won't really know what the character of a dextromethorphan trip is until you've gotten to at least the second plateau. Each plateau is different, but the second is where I think the personality of the substance is first glimpsed. And I wouldn't recomend anything higher at first because unless you have balls of steel, the higher plateaus can be pretty frightening to just jump into. I think a second plateau trip is the best introduction to the drug and what it really does.

    2) Don't be surprised if you get one of these negative side effects as all are pretty common: itching, nausea, tachycardia (rapid heart beat), sweating or increased body temperature, and dysphoria (the opposite of euphoria, essentially an intense, hard to control feeling that something is very wrong). I for one often experience uncomfortable tachycardia and toward the end started to experience pretty sever dysphoria every time. Dysphoria is certainly the worst of these in my opinion. You can't describe it to someon who hasn't experienced it, but it's about the weirdest and shittiest a person can feel.

    3) There's a thing on the lable that says not to take it if you are taking an MAOI which is a type of antidepressant. I would say that if you are taking an antidepressant and don't know if that's the kind it is to ask, BUT the truth is it doesn't matter... if you are taking ANY antidepressant DO NOT take dextromethorphan recreationally (or probably at all for that matter). You will be running a serious risk of a rare but almost always fatal condition (70% of people who get it die, usually within hours, and there is no treatment) called serotonin syndrome. Don't drink alcohol with it either, as it can be dangerous, and either way, from what I've heard is not a fun combination.

    4) Dextromethorphan can be really weird. Yes, I know, all drugs can get weird, but in my opinion, a low dose trip on DXM is more likely to go bad than a low dose trip on say LSD or psilocybin. Don't listen to what anyone tells you about: it's JUST like this drug or JUST like that drug. DXM is different from just about everything. It's not even THAT similar an experince to that of ketamine or PCP which are other dissociatives. What you can generally expect on a second plateau trip is: a bit of excitement or maybe even euphoria at first, slowly moving into a bluring of your vision and and alteration of your perception of reality. Things take on a kind of fake sheen and you might be taken with wonder at it (if you're like I was) and you might just be really put off by it. You might get some sluring of speech or at least a slowing down of speech. You will also possibly experience a body high at some point which can range from simply a heavy, chemically load to warmth all over to that funky oversensitive feeling you get in your skin and joints when you have alergies, the flu, or fever. Any nausea will likely come toward the early stages, as will tachycardia, however I've seen the itching show up in people out of nowhere. Your thoughts at this stage often become weird. You'll get some minor dissociation. You might get times where you feel very emotionless, even first circuit conciousness moments, although this seems to have happened mostly to me, and really only a few times. I don't know many other people who've felt like the were essentially thinking with the invertibrate brain. You might, at this stage, experience some flanging of vision and maybe some loss of connection between your concious mind and you senses, particularly touch.

    5) As with all powerful mind altering drugs, where you are and how you feel going into the experience effect it A LOT, so be very careful about those two factors. A familiar setting where you feel safe and a good mood with no personal problems to think about are the ideal.

    6) Guaifenesin will make you puke vilently and probably dry out your nasal cavities and throat pretty severly. And Guaifennesin is probably the safest of all the other possible active ingredients so always be careful that the only active ingredient is DXM. The absolute worst thing one can do when trying to use DXM recreationally is to take Coricidin Cough & Cold (a slang term is Tripple C's) pills or any other preperation which uses chloropheniramine are very dangerous. Chloropheniramine can cause terrible things from rectal bleeding to death. If anyone ever offers you "tripple c's" run the other way, but before you do, tell them to look up the wealth of information online, from both pro- and anti-drug sites warning against the use of this product recreationally.
  18. jojo12

    jojo12 Member

    350mg of DXM is not bad, BUT some people lack an enzyme that metabolize DXM and instead of being high for 4-5 hours they stay for 2-3 days!!!!
    1 Lay still for the first hour to avoid vomiting
    2 ready some music, best with headphones
    3 if you have to move around you house close one eye
    4 check this:
  19. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    People without that enzyme don't trip for days, the trip much, much harder off of a small dose then a normal person. It's possible it could last longer, but the longer DXM stays in your system at high doses, the longer it has to damage things. It's a really bad idea for anyone with that deficiency to take DXM at all.

    Contrary to what everyone believes, taking CCC's will not kill you and cause the most horrible things imagine to happen to your body. It's all about knowing your body. The reason those kinds of things happen to people on CCC's is because they most likely are having a severe allergic reaction to the CPM, and have taken too much in the first place, thus making death a high possibility.

    It's true that you're probably better off staying away from CCC's though, because they are dangerous and a decent amount of people will find themselves having problems with the high amount of CPM in a recreational dose. I find Coricidin trips to be different then pure DXM. You feel more out of control. One enzyme metabolizes BOTH CPM and DXM, which means if you happen to have that deficiency, then you are REALLY fucked. Another reason to never ever use CCC's as your first DXM experience.

    I've made "agent Lemon" extraction many, many times, and I can say without a doubt it is one of the most disgusting things you will ever have the displeasure of drinking, and I will almost always throw up VIOLENTLY before the trip kicks in. I use 5 Vitamin C tablets to make an acid, instead of lemon juice. Taking an equivalent dose of CCC's produces not even nausea for me, let alone throwing up. Although the puking from agent lemon could be due to tiny amounts of adulterants, seeing as how I don't have a seperation funnel and use baggies. That extraction method really is very easy though.

    Peace be with you. As jojo said, lie down for the first hour or two to avoid puking all over the place. DXM nausea is bad, but it can pass one of two ways.....
  20. f(Ø)

    f(Ø) Member

    I'm sorry but I don't think it's wise to understate the dangers of using products containing CPM to get a DXM high. Of course taking CMP in the directed dose is not very dangerous. No it's not like CPM is some evil moster trying to kill you. But CPM is an anticholinergic and taking more than the directed dose of any anticholengergic is exceptionally dangerous. Also, like you mentioned, CPM and DXM are metabolized by the same enzyme. This means that remnants of each stay in your system unmetabolized for longer. So using tripple C's actually increases the risk of DXM overdose or overshooting the plateau they are going for in the regular user, even if they only use tripple C's once (meaning of course the NEXT time they use DXM). I've actually read papaers that say it's difficult to say, when using recreational doses of this product, just how long and how much DXM and CPM will stay in your system. This is not to say you would still be feeling the effects. It's kind of like if you drink alcohol, sober up, and then start drinking again. You get drunk faster and run a greater risk of alcohol poisining because there is still unmetabolized ethanol in your system. It is FAR to easy to overdose on CPM. It should be avoided. It's NOT just a matter of knowing your body.

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