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  1. Okay well the day after I was prescribed to 40 mg of aderall XR a day I missed school to get my braces off. It was only 10am when I got home so I smoked like 1.5 grams of salvia 80x. I didnt get the results I wanted so i mixed 1 gram of salvia 100x, and .5 of to different types of kush. So I finished that 2 gram bowl in about 30 mins and I had plenty of time left. I was home alone til midnight that day. People are retarded when they're high (especially me). I decided I was going to try to take my Aderall for the first time under the intoxication of cannabis and salvia. I just dumped a few in my hand attempting to get just two but I couldn't see or count them without my glasses but I was too lazy to go upstairs and get them so I just swallowed all the pills in my hand out of frustration. (After it was all over I counted and I took about 760 mg in one mouth full). Immediately after consuming those pills my body lost all sense of balance for a split second and I collapsed (thank god I was still conscious). I then went up to my room because I was feeling too alert from the pills. I smoked two grams of salvia 60x from a gravity bong and that just topped it all off. The moment I layed back in my bed I got horrible tunnel vision. I looked at the ceiling and it was just a multitude of bright colors and swirly 3 dimensional shapes (None of them were polygons though). I was in a panic so I started to play xbox but the high was really wierd. I remember going into a public online domination match in call of duty and getting 211 kills and 3 deaths. All my senses and my reaction speed and how I processed things was significantly enhanced. I went to lay back down and I saw this bright purple orb that was made of a creamy swirly liquid. It was just hovering about 3 feet above my bed. It looked real so I tried to touch it. The moment my finger came into contact with it, the orb changed shape and shot into my chest and just went inside me. I was on the verge of peeing myself I was so frightened. What scares me most is that I could feel it go right through my chest. I was just looking for a place to hide so I went into my 4 year old brothers room. The minute I stepped inside that room every single toy turned its head and stared right at me. When I reached the center of the room they started closing in on me. I freaked out and ran back to my room where I locked the door and layed under the covers with nothing but my phone. I only remember this because when I first started to trip I grabbed a pencil and a notebook and took notes. Video tape my actions while I take notes. If you want to see what I was seeing watch the YouTube video entitled "Enter the Void" these are almost the exact visions I had, just mine were more realistic because I had the ability to coherently interact with figments of my imagination. (sorry this was so long)


    -Hallucinations began 7 hours after intoxication but only lasted about 2 hrs. -

    -The overall experience lasted 36 hrs.

    -I constantly had that feeling you get when you lay down for hours then get up and move quickly. That weird little feeling wouldn't go away the entire time.

    -I've never shown any sort of tolerance for weed or aderall. But I have extremely high tolerance for anything else.

    -I only remember it because I wrote down everything I saw in a notebook.

    -I still haven't slept in 4 days because of all the aderall.

    -I know this was reckless and dangerous but I am extremely curious as to why I didn't experience even one negative effect.

    (Sorry about so much. I have a scientific mind. Always testing things)
    -I've used all these at once before but I've never had this type of experience before. The only thing I've done differently was the huge dosage on Aderall. How do you think this altered the effects so extremely?

    -Do you think that the effects had anything to do with the order I consumed them in?

    -Because I had no negative effects, I would like to test this and see if I could up the dosage and get the same trip but more intense. Should I try this? If so how much should I raise it? If not, please state your reasoning.

    -Why do you think I was able to think and react faster than I would usually be able to?

    -If I do test this again and it works twice. Do you think I should take it before school and see how it effects me throughout the day?

    Big thanks for your time:) Feedback will be greatly appreciated :D

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