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    Hey guys and girls lol..
    I would just like to know the basic shit about acid lol.. i smoke weed haha, but i have never done acid or anything lol only weed and shrooms, haha but what is lsd like?
    how much does it cost?? and what are the effects on your barin etc.. ?

    do you actually see like weird things walking around??
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    well I'm tired from just typing up a bunch of posts so I'm not gonna type to much here lol.. sorry... but if you browse around.. theres a hell of a lot of posts about it... also check out

    and if you've done shrooms.. its similar.. well maybe more different then similar.. but still...

    sorry for my lack of help.. maybe i'll come back later and do it :p
  3. InFlames420

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    yea, go to and check out there info on LSD. The expriences should answer what it's like. They have dosage info and describe effects and what not.

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