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  1. I'll be attending college in the fall and therefore will need a physical to prove I am in good enough health to attend. My question is, do they piss test/blood test you for drugs at a COLLEGE physical?? If they do, I've gotta quit for like a month, maybe a little longer, and then tell my parents that I need a physical. That way...I'll be clean and afterwards I can go back to my smoking. Can anybody answer my question? It would be greatly appreciated!:)
  2. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    It sounds like...they do...i remember a thread in the old forums about it...that colleges DO piss test i WOULD stop smoking if i were u just could just be a regular physical...if its just a doctor check up physical...doctors can't/won't check ur piss...not ur drugs anyway...just for sugar to see if u diabetic...and even if doctors DO find THC in ur urine...they don't tell pretty sure, i could be wrong but doctors visits are confidential...only if ur under 18 which ur not can a doctor tell ur parents...i'd have to ask my dad(the doctor) but im pretty sure im right...

  3. If you could do that, it would be awesome man. If ya get a chance to ask him, lemme know!:) Thanks for your reply.
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    Most physicals include giving a urnie sample. However, these samples are not tested for drugs as this is needlessly expensive. It can only be preformed if someone has requested a drug test, and is not done routinely. The only case of a college drug testing that I have heard of is for varsity atheletes, and most schools don't even do that. If you are over 18 they must get your consent to do a drug test on you, they can't just do one without you knowing about it. I would think you are completely safe to go about your smokin' without worrying unless you are going to a hardcore conservative school.
  5. fitzy21

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    not all physicals make you give a urine sample. i haven't had to give urine in 3-4 years and i took a physical for my college to. so i wouldn't even worry about it.
  6. emublazin

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    i had no problems getting into college. they don't check for drugs they know there is so many stoners in college that they can't control it. If you want a good way to smoke in your dorm goto
  7. Don't worry about it at all man, I seriously doubt that they're gonna drug test you for a college physical. It should just be a straight forward physical, no drug testing. Like TreePhiend said, unless you're going to an ultra-conservative college, you should be worry free.
  8. luv2behigh

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    you have nothing to worry about
    if the doc asks you about drugs, even if you say yes they can't tell anyone and if they do you can sue for millions
    or you can just lie and say no which works also.
    nothing to worry about.
  9. rdfleece27

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    i wasn't piss tested for college...i'd guess that there is pretty much no chance of getting any kind of drug test before college. so many kids would be completey fucked if that was the case.

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