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  1. Curious_Jane

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    Hey Guys I have question? I was wondering what causes munchies after you smoke a joint?[​IMG] I know as long as I have smoked and being in healthcare you think I would know this but I did on paper in med school on medical marijuana and of my research never found the true cause of the hunger........I thought at first it could be a metabolism thing maybe marijuana speeds it up as it is a stimulant,then I thought it might lower blood surgar but we would all be diabetics so thats not it!,or maybe its just purley psychological?Anyway I smoked the other night and had just eaten dinner and still ended up with icecream and then craved bread?!?!
    What the hell right?anyway hope you guys can help[​IMG]...............
  2. solidarity

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    Endocannabinoids are part of the brain's complex system for controlling when and how much we eat. These chemicals are similar to the active ingredient in marijuana but don't make people high. The use of marijuana activates these receptors, causing increase in appetite.
  3. Curious_Jane

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    Well what can you do to fight the craveings so you don't end up gainning 500lbs?Also why do you crave so many different things all at once?Why can't you eat just one thing and feel satisfied?
  4. solidarity

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    There's no way to fight the munchies, none that I know of anyways. Haha. And I guess the reason for feeling hungry for so many different things even after you've eaten is the fact that you're still high. And the THC is still acting on your brain.
  5. MattInVegas

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    Well, in some cases the "Munchies" can be
    EXACTLY what the doctor prescibes!
    If you're like me and only eat once a day normally,
    I only much heart healthy these days. So thats a blessing for my heart
    We have a resident member who's a male nurse. I could ask him sometime.
  6. OnlyOne

    OnlyOne Banned

    nut how often butttt what.

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