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Discussion in 'Transexual and Transgender' started by straightguy, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Yay laptop and quote function!

    Which I already said, yes.

    I already said that. Also noted that if I speak in regard to a community to which I do not belong, that I so note and word things to indicate.

    No one tried to play the oppression olympics here. I specifically avoided using the first replacement I thought of in order to not start the oppression Olympics.

    You've already acknowledged that what I did infer was easy to guess. Just sayin'.
    And, uh, you were. You've basically repeated to me several things I've said or indicated that I know about in a condescending way.
  2. Invisible Soul

    Invisible Soul Burning Angel

    I just went into a bit more detail, nothing wrong with that.

    Yep, but you went on a tirade besmerching non-trans people discussing trans issues. I have specifically said more than once in this thread, that none of the statements I made applied to all trans people. So you were well aware of my position before making that statement. So despite what you said, I still felt the need to point out that certain elements of the trans community are no more qualified to speak, and their views no more valid, than cis people's when it comes to issues pertaining specifically to transsexuals. And this is a view that is actually held by some transsexual people themselves, as I have seen them state as much.

    We both stated that we were speaking in regards to a community to which we don't belong. The difference is, I respected you in that, whereas you decided to launch an attack on non-trans people for doing the self-same thing.

    Where did I accuse you of doing that? I said SOME people within oppressed minorities do that, at no point did I suggest that you were doing that. You seem to be taking everything I'm saying as a personal attack, which I'm not doing at all. Don't put words into my mouth.

    I did, though Vanilla Gorilla was correct in stating that not being "A" does not necessarily have to mean that you're "B". The issue is not as black and white as that. And the fact that you believe that it is, is a clear indicator that despite your protestations to the contrary, you are not more qualified to talk about these issues than I am.

    You have more than once, twisted things I've said, to make them appear like personal attacks on you when I was not doing that at all. If anyone is being condescending, it is you. I have not once tried to belittle your opinions, you however, have done that to me more than once in this thread.
  3. Maelstrom

    Maelstrom Banned

    Honesty is best. Simple as that. However, that is my philosophy in life. It is not my place to inform someone else that the truth needs to be told..
  4. Invisible Soul

    Invisible Soul Burning Angel

    To many transsexual people, living completely as the gender with which they identify (the opposite gender of which they were assigned at birth) is not lying or being dishonest. The problem is, to many non-trans people, people who do that are lying about their gender. And therein lies the conflict.
  5. cruiser

    cruiser Guest

    I didn't read all the posts just the first few.... I am a crossdresser and make sure that is known before any contact is made ....could i fool someone when i am all dressed up??? that answer is yes but not my objective i always make it known what someone is getting and the ones that accept me treat me as a real woman even when they know i am not ...i always put it all out there so they know how i want to be treated and they all have appreciated that why wouldn't they???? they are gonna get laid or at lest shoot their load
  6. bibearman

    bibearman Member

    Cruiser, would love to take you out on a date...and treat you as a woman should be.
  7. Invisible Soul

    Invisible Soul Burning Angel

    Emm... no woman would refer to themselves as a crossdresser, talk about "fooling people" by presenting as female, and calling themselves "not a real woman".

    Crossdressers are not women, and neither are men who have no incongrousness with their male bodies, and actually enjoy having a penis. but wish to be seen as women.
  8. deleted

    deleted Visitor

  9. Invisible Soul

    Invisible Soul Burning Angel

    Thanks for posting that before I had a chance to edit previous my post... lol

    I'm fully aware that there are female crossdressers, thank you. What I meant was no woman would call themselves a crossdresser for wearing women's clothes. ;)
  10. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    I read the comment before your,, and I was going to say something similar in the other post the noob commented on. as he said Transgendered Women. I thinks he means Transgendered Person , as a trans-women imo would be a female to male..

    but I confuse myself sometimes.. :D
  11. Invisible Soul

    Invisible Soul Burning Angel

    Well, the difficulty is "transgender" is a loaded term, as it refers to many different kinds of people, some of whom have little or nothing in common with each other beyond stigmatization from non-trans people. I think FTMs generally label themselves as trans-men, and vice versa for MTFs.

    I personally don't know why someone would purposely other themselves, by choosing to add a prefix and sub label before their gender, but everyone is entitled to label themselves as they wish. I guess I'm just an idealist and would rather see a more inclusive society than an exclusionary one.

    Yes well, it can be a confusing subject... lol ;)
  12. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    I like the use the term Transvestite for myself. it removes most the confusion. shorting it to tranny isnt professional for me. however Ill except it more than Shemale. I have no breasts, therefore. Im am No SHE..
  13. Invisible Soul

    Invisible Soul Burning Angel

    Well, I guess a transvestite is really just another term for a cross dresser. And yes, it does remove most of the confusion. lol :)

    The OP was specifically reffering to transsexual women. So for a cross dresser to post in this thread, and talk about "letting people know what they're getting", and saying that they could "fool people if they wanted to" just adds to the confusion, as male transvestites are not in the same boat as transsexual women. There's a world of difference between playing at being a woman occasionally, and living completely as a woman.
  14. bibearman

    bibearman Member

    I would agree, invis. There is a world of difference between dressing like a woman and changing your body into being a woman. I have talked online to cross dressers, that pretty much dress all of the time, and even though they have not changed their bodies, they still think of themselves as women. There are many "levels" apparently. Each person is their own being.

    Transvestite and cross dresser is the same thing from everything I have found. Shemale is a partially transgendered male to female.
  15. Invisible Soul

    Invisible Soul Burning Angel

    Shemale is really a more conveniant word for someone who is a "non-op". Someone who has only partially transitioned, and is perfectly happy in that scenario, has no aversion to their male physical characteristics, and actually enjoys having them. To them, they have "the best of both worlds". They are different to pre-op female transsexuals, whose male physical characteristics are the bane of their existence. Surgery cannot make you a woman, and post-ops don't magically "become" women after they've had surgery. So I don't see any difference between pre-ops and post-ops. But there is a difference between shemales and both of those categories of people.

    I will always be respectful, and call people what they wish to be called. As long as you're harming no-one else by your actions, everyone deserves that basic level of respect. But it is true that when it comes to trans issues, transsexuals definitely draw the short straw, as they are accused of being dishonest and liars if they don't admit to "being men". And they definitely suffer more stigamtization due to identifying as, and completely living as, women. Shemales and cross dressers aren't stigamtized against as much, as they are seen to be at least open about their maleness, whereas transsexual women are seen as being dishonest about their "maleness".

    As for some cross dressers seeing themselves as women... like I said earlier, no woman would use language to describe themselves like cruiser did on the previous page.
  16. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    yes.. many levels.. :eek:
  17. springfling

    springfling Member

    Since I am post-op and have changed my birth certificate, I am legally a female. I am no longer a transsexual. It's not very likely that I would sleep with you but if I did there's no way that I would discuss my past life with you. That would only confuse you more.:sunny:

  18. springfling

    springfling Member

    The term "post-op transsexual" makes absolutely no sense. My birth certificate says that I am a female. There are no public records that will tell you anything else.

    And furthermore, if you were in a "serious relationship" with me that would be a committed relationship, one in which you would have given up your imaginary prejudices and looking forward to getting to know me because you respect me as a person and as a female.

  19. bibearman

    bibearman Member

    Spring...good answer.

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