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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by sweetval, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. sweetval

    sweetval Member

    If you met this girl and hit it off with her. Really enjoyed her company and had great sex with her and wanted to go steady.....

    Would you still want to go steady if she told you that she was bi sexual and had a girl friend but that you really appealed to her and she could have a relationship with you if you accepted all this.

    Maybe even "share" her girlfriend (whos a lot hotter then she is) with you.

    What would your answer be?
  2. IronGoth

    IronGoth Newbie

    Depends on what he wants out of your relationship. Your sig says it all. Any guy who doesn't wanna be used would say no. Good thing for you most guys would be OK with that.
  3. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    i'd be fine with it, i've had many bi girlfreinds, & always just understood that a girl can givea girl something that guys just cant,
    the bi girls i was with though wernt in relationships, but i've always told them it was fine, however i'd want to meet the girl just to be sure i felt secure she wouldnt be very bad for her
  4. JonathanC

    JonathanC Member

    Well, I don't know what you mean by "go steady". I think I'd have a lot of fun in a relationship like that, but I'd just enjoy it while it lasted and not take it too seriously.
  5. tropisms

    tropisms Member

    I think I might agree with that. I wouldn't get into a relationship with anyone that is involved with anyone else, no matter what gender.
  6. No. That would not be acceptable to me. If she's in a relationship with me, it's just me. No one else. If she wants someone else, she can be with them, but not me. That simple.
  7. Hacker

    Hacker Vescere Bracis Meis

    If I was attracted to her I would go along with it, although I must admit, I would have a difficult time taking her seriously if there was another woman in her life in that way... I don't think I could fully devote myself to someone who couldn't reciprocate. Thus, I would find it difficult to think the other woman would feel any differently than I do about it. It wouldn't be fair to either of us. Having said that, I have never even been close to being in a situation like that, so I can't honestly tell you how I would react for sure.
  8. I coulndt have said that better myself[​IMG]
  9. benj

    benj Member

    Completely agree with both of you.

    Sounds like it could be a lot of fun for the guy, especially if he gets to share the other girl in a threesome. But a serious relationship - no way. No guy, or girl either, should ever get involved in a relationship with anyone who cannot be totally committed to him, or her, and no one else. If you try it, you'll have nothing but problems and heartache down the line. And any straight guy who gets seriously involved with a bisexual is just asking for problems. But if it's just casual sex once in a while, he should go for it.
  10. Koolaid

    Koolaid Member

    Would be great for fun, but couldn't really see any long term relationship coming from it....

    Would be ace for awhile though :D
  11. Oz!

    Oz! Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    not for me personnally....

    i think no guy could make a decision without gettin' to know the third party really well either
  12. Ranger

    Ranger Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

  13. nesta

    nesta Banned

    i would never allow myself to be second. i'm up for casual-sex friendships, and for steady monogamous relationships, and even (to a VERY limited extent) open relationships, but if a girl is already in a relationship, i'm not going to be her side relationship. period. if we're in a relationship, she and i as a couple come first before ANYTHING else on the side (if there is anything)

    i've been in a relationship in which we could have been with other people sexually as friends even though she and i were very committed to each other, and even that got tricky. i'm sure as hell not going for a girl that is already in a relationship, though.
  14. Len2000

    Len2000 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Prior to meeting my wife (1987) I hooked up w/ a bisexual girl five years older than me (1985-87) and we had great sex that mostly involved picking up women in nightclubs. It got kinda old though and I broke it off w/ her to go w/ my future wife who I am now seperated from. Currently, I have a fantastic girlfriend whom I'm planning to marry.
  15. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    well i've been in 2 commited 3 way relationships, the other bi girls i;'ve gone out with wernt in relationships, but i always told them if they met a woman i was fine with it, just as long as it was safe for them, i probably would feel different about anoyther guy, but i totaly understand the relationships between 2 women are nothing like the relationship between a man & woman, & who am i to deny them that happiness they need?
    its already bad enough how some people expect you to not hang out with freinds of the opposite sex cause of insecurity, or jealousy, so if your g/f is bi shes suposed to give up all her freinds?
    also, for me its not cause i hope to "share" although if that happens ..thats great.. but its that i just understand that she would always feel restricted, or like something was just missing, without that freedom to be with a woman, snce no matter how good of a guy you are your still a guy & cant offer the same type relationship; a woman can.
    sometimes i think i'd probly end up in a 3 way marriage even
  16. ConcealedCulture

    ConcealedCulture Senior Member

    Nope, I wouldnt be able to take her or the relationship seriously. But when it comes to relationships and sex, I am the type of guy who likes meaningful sex, over shoving my dick in a girl simply because she will let me. There are way too many nasty diseases and fucking psychotic people. But I dont know your situation, and I am sure there are situations where I liked the girl so much I could overlook it.

    But that would happen only if she were straight up from the beginning. If we had already spent time together, connected, fucked, etc and then she tells me she has a girlfriend... it is likely I would tell her to fuck off. Honesty is important to me.
  17. sweetval

    sweetval Member

    He already knows that I am bi and that I have a girl friend. Chele and I met him and a friend when we were camping and we all had a good time together.

    He and Chele had intercourse and I gave his friend oral and later he and his friend did me together (oral and vaginal).

    So there are no secrets.

    What was different was that I gave him my number. This is the first guy who I felt I could really like and he was into what I am into. In fact I got the most intense spanking ever from him, and in the past tryingto get a guy to spank me was like pulling teeth. This guy really enjoyed spanking me and tok me to the limit and no farther.

    We had a date with a movie, dinner and some fantastic sex (and another great spanking) and he asked me out again this coming weekend and he told me he really liked me. He knew hat he doesn't need to bs me in order to have sex with me.

    I understand that a guy probably wouldn't want to 'settle down" with me, being bi and I guess a bit of a slut, but a steady diet of him and especially if he can get into Chele, I would sure be content.

    He's also very smart, and gentle (at the right times) and very interesting. He also has a buff body and an ass to kill for not to mention he's big where it counts and knows how to use it to make me beg for more.
  18. IronGoth

    IronGoth Newbie

    Sweetval the answer is YES, I now am completely bummed out.
  19. ConcealedCulture

    ConcealedCulture Senior Member

    You just lost me. I thought you were wondering if he would want to go steady with you, since you have a girlfriend. But if he knows, and keeps pursuing you, wouldnt that answer your question? I could just be stoned, but what exactly are you asking again?
  20. sweetval

    sweetval Member

    Well, he can be pursuing because he can get some good sex and share a fantasy as well. he can get that without any BS nd I think he knows that.

    I'm just not sure if a guy would want to go steady, or more, want to have a RELATIONSHIP with a bi girl whos into all sorts of different stuff and who has a girl friend.

    I mean, it's all right, I understand if he wouldn't, but I guess I'm HOPING that he would! I think I might be falling into Love with him, not just into lust.

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