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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by Jesshasaquestion, Jan 17, 2017.

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    I recently have arranged to have a ceremony guided by a shaman that works specifically with dmt.

    I am an active user and I just have tried all the western type "paths for recovery".

    Anyway long story short, my ceremony is today at 4. I was supposed to be 72 hours minimum off all substances, eating properly, etc. I am an everyday user, and unfortunately that's all my life revolves around. I managed to pull it together and stay away from any substances, and then before I knew it, yesterday I ended up at my dealers house.
    This story is not short by any means so I'll just cut to the question

    I've had this arranged for two months. I really want to have this experience and see if anything helps or shifts my thinking. I used some methamphetamine yesterday, and a benzo to help with anxiety. Although it made my opiate withdrawal worse obviously. I know she said 72 hours, but I'm still going to make it for our scheduled appointment.

    Does anyone have any knowledge or advice? I don't know if it is safe to go and do now, but I'm still willing to try. Do you think if I tell my shaman she will not commit to doing my ceremony anymore and disengage ? Any type of any information at all would be amazing. Health, safety, advice, past experience ?

  2. Jesshasaquestion

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  3. Jesshasaquestion

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    It's most beneficial to go into a DMT trip with no other distractions and a good mindset, so coming off other drugs going into the experience is not ideal and suggests you are not taking this experience seriously, particularly in aiding with your recovery. Psychedelics are often amazing tools when used as adjuncts to healing and therapy but they also need to be garnered with a level of respect.

    With that said, from my understanding the window stated from abstaining from other drugs put forward by shamans tends to be a bit overstated in regards to physical danger. If you are doing isolated Dmt, there should not be a concern regarding physical harm, however DMT in the form of Ayahuasca, does contain MAOI, which can cause some bad contraindications with other drugs, which you might want to look into.
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    not much to add to the above.
    Good advice from someone who knows.
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