Queens Day 2009 / hip forums pigs mount up!

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by mopperm1, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Strider '88

    Strider '88 Member

    I am so looking forward to seeing everyone!
  2. yogibear

    yogibear Member

    Hey Pigs :piggy:
    Only a few more days till Mokem. See you all there. My flight my be as interesting as some of yours Blueberry, I have to fly to Denver now from Illinois as my flight was purchased several months ago when I was living there. So now I have three connections to make but I'm sure it will be well worth the extra hassle. :party:
  3. doobiesdaddy

    doobiesdaddy Member

    New to the forum and first time to Queensday. I will be arriving in Amsterdam on April 23rd with my family and staying through May 5th. What am I in for? Recommendations on things to see and do?(not my first trip to Amsterdam)
    Also, I have one extra ticket to Jackson Browne if anyone is needing one: Balcon rij 3 stoel 27 (Balcony row 3 seat 27) Selling for face value of 55.48 Euros ($75).
  4. mopperm1

    mopperm1 Member

    hey pigsters,
    little bit over a month to go...

    I wanna get just like this again this year....two friggin thumbs up!!!
    talk about hammer down....!!!
  5. ispica

    ispica Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    So does that mean, painting our "disgusting naked Piggy American bodies" as a prerequisite for the cruise is out?

  6. mopperm1

    mopperm1 Member

    Welcome to the queens day pig thread doobiesdaddy! A few of us are arriving and departing the same days as you. Your more than welcome to come over to our queens day party on the houseboat and any other meet ups we have such as the night of the Jackson Browne concert.
    There is so much that I could recommend for you such as: drag queen Olympics on queens night- so funny...purse throw and the 100 yard high heel run were the highlights...saw a couple fall on their faces...was a gas that was! Just ask some of the other pigs who were there.

    Zandvoort beach rocks! and has my fav coffeeshop.
    the new Heineken brewery tour
    zaanse schans windmills/ town

    so much more...just PM me for more info. click on the photos to see what I we have done the past few years..
    I'm also doing Brussels and Cologne again this year...maybe not Cologne but Dusseldorf. Just to do a day trip to Germany.

    Dennis: I see we almost have the same agenda as far as day trips this year. Make sure we hook up, have to do Schveningen beach/ the haag this year! Lets chat about Belgium also before you get the auto. have you thought about a five trip eurail pass that includes Netherlands, Germany and Belgium for 250 dollars?

    Mike C: Nice cartoon my friend, but that's not where Carrie left the chex mix bag..or did she? Is that bag covering the infamous cock ring mike? LOL ! ...I'm in for the orange body paint!! speaking of orange.....GO Syracuse Orange!!! Sweet 16! Crush Oklahoma!!

    later pigs!!
  7. d3kings

    d3kings Member

    Doesn't look like I'll be able to make the boat trip as I'll be with the kids for the day so I can take the night off :)

    Blueberry & Koopa, we'll catch up somewhere along the way. We'll be in on the 23rd and will be staying near the Westerkerk.

    Any meets over the weekend of the 24/25th?

    Hi to everyone else. I'll have to get to meet you hipster piggies some day.

  8. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    Hey Mike,

    We wouldn't have interest in a Euro Rail pass this year. I'm not sure if I'm doing Belgium this year or not. Some of my friends I'm going with want to, but I'm still on the fence. If we do, car rental is the way to go. Its way cheap and a blast! Schveningen beach / den haag trip sounds great and I'd love for you to join us!

  9. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    Cool d3 I'm near Westerkerk myself. Apartment is on the corner of Keizergracht and Brouwersgracht.
  10. yogibear

    yogibear Member

    :piggy: Wow its getting close to Mokem blastoff. Well I've just rented my new house here in Decatur IL the Soy Bean capital of America the movers come Monday. So much to do and so little time. Praying for great weather this year like we had in 2007. Oh I just got my Jackson Brown tickets and fast. I order tickets from NL and got them in four days from Holland. Not bad! :party:
  11. mopperm1

    mopperm1 Member

    wow.....less than to weeks to go before pig central is up and running. we'll try to save some smoke for you late arrivals!!! lol :cheers2:
    5 years running for the queens day pigsters...!!!

    don't forget hip forums waterhole pig meet April 29th 2009 5pm.

  12. mikeymike

    mikeymike Member

    Hello all my fellow piggies. I cant believe Im missing another year, tough times.
    Quick update for all.

    Unemployed going on 18 months now, struggling as usual but surviving. Possible good news, sale of condo, just has to pass inspection and get a half decent appraisal and finalize numbers. Maybe close end of month.

    Then off I go into the wild blue yonder, destination unknown. Ill be heading north.

    Ill miss all my piggie piggie bros, there is always 2010. Trying to stay positive here.

    Have fun finding shrooms, remember Deb 2008 ban, good luck.

    mikeymike :piggy:
  13. mikeymike

    mikeymike Member

    I still dont remember, I do love this picture though. I dont think my pants were down just snake out of the cage peeing in the canal. oh well, shit happens.


    MikeyMike 2006
  14. BlueBerry

    BlueBerry Member

    i got a meetup set for fri24 and sat25 at dekuil cafe 420 at 420pm, its posted on ACD forum, hope to see you there ;)

  15. BlueBerry

    BlueBerry Member

    MOP at first you posted the meet for tue apr 28 at 5pm, now your saying the 29th... its listed on Whos In Town for the 28th, i wanted make sure so that no one is confused on the day :confused:

    see you soon,
  16. mopperm1

    mopperm1 Member

    MikeyMike: were going to miss you again along with the others that won't make it this year. We sure will miss your schroom finding abilities.:piggy: I hope things turn around for you and give me a shout if your in the new england area!

    Carrie: MOP?...you can call me Mike. lol Sorry about the date mix up Carrie. Your correct it's the 28th not queens night. I got so many activities and meet ups I got a little mixed up. Oh..I could'nt find any tropical chex mix for you....gotta settle for plain style. Do you know when you arrive or are you on that crazy flight plan like last year?

    8 more days till liftoff.....:cheers2:
  17. BlueBerry

    BlueBerry Member

    dang mop... no fruity tooty chex, ya musta ate em all in the county, guess that explains the MIX-up lol

    indeed i am on another crazy flight plan, looks like i will be arriving 2 days before yall ;)
    better to be early than late!

    i will already have a fog around me when you arrive.. teehee

    see ya soon,
  18. doobiesdaddy

    doobiesdaddy Member

    Thanks for the tips mopperm1
    I will be with my daughter for most of the day in the Vondlepark on Queens day. But I would love to meet up with you pigs and chill before Jackson Browne or something.
    Getting really excited now!
  19. mopperm1

    mopperm1 Member

    carrie: 2 days beforre us if your flight arrives on time...you showed up two days late last year. since your in town before us are you going to meet us at central cafe to help with our bags? lol

    doobie: make sure you swing by the pig central :piggy: for our queens day party after taking your daughter out or anytime for that matter from april 23rd to may 5th.
    nieuwe keizersgracht & weesperstraat

  20. doobiesdaddy

    doobiesdaddy Member

    Thanks for the invite. I will be sure to stop by the boat and say hello to the pigs :D Do I just look for the boat in the picture above at nieuwe keizersgracht & weesperstraat? My apartment is in the Warmoesstraat.

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