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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by mopperm1, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. mopperm1

    mopperm1 Member

    Alright lets do this pigsters :piggy: ....our 5th year in a row!! Let's do this right and up the fun factor this year!
    Mike C and I are getting the houseboat again this year. Our dates April 24th to May 5th....so pig central will be ready again. I've located a nice boat for our cruise this year thanks to Kees. Nice 22 ft modern cruiser. If the weather sucks then we don't have to get it...good set up. 12 people max.....cruise starts at "high" noon for as long as we want. Houseboat party :cheers2: to follow after the cruise. So who we got so far this year?
    Mike O, Mike C,Tammy, James, Dennis, Joe, Jon, Carrie.....maybe Dan. Anyone else?
    Room for a few more on the cruise. Were always looking for a few good pigs to join us.
    Hip Forums Pigs Waterhole meet up: Tuesday, April 28th 6p
    Queens Day Cruise: High Noon with Party pig-out to follow at pig central.
    So...did I miss anyone?
    Mike O

  2. OneBrainCell

    OneBrainCell Member

    whats this PIG thing may i ask?
  3. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    Hey mopperm1,

    Are you planning to do the boat cruise on Q-day itself I assume? If so, for how long? Some of my buddies I'm traveling with this year want to do some walking around the city too this year.


    P.S. OneBrainCell....for more info on the Pigs you can read my "Newbie FAQ" on the top of the board.
  4. mopperm1

    mopperm1 Member

    Hey Dennis,
    I'm doing fine and you? lol The cruise is up to us how long we want it, it's my landlords boat and he is open to any length and starting time. I told him 3 to 4 hours. You can always get dropped off anytime you want along the way. So who you bringing along this year? make sure you guys make the queens day party if you don't get onboard the cruise. Although I can't imagine you not making the pig cruise! later gator....whats your dates? Did you get that 8x10 I sent safely?...
    Can't wait to toast with ya....
  5. jimmyjoe1

    jimmyjoe1 toker Lifetime Supporter

    Hey Cant wait Queens Day yea i wouldnt miss the 3days have my ticket !!!
  6. yogibear

    yogibear Member

    Hey Mopperm1
    See you there. Have my tickets and campsite will be in town April 26th. :cheers2::piggy:
  7. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    Doing well thanks! Got the picture, very thoughtful of you as always! 3-4 hours sounds much more manageable than our 6+ hour odyssey the other year! I arrive on April 28th and depart May 10th. I have 2 apartments already reserved. One apartment is for a couple that I'm friends with. They are first timers so I'll be playing tour guide a lot this year. Johnyjoe is my room mate in the other apartment for the first 7 nights and then another friend of the "newbie couple" is arriving in the city the day he departs and occupying bedroom that johnyjoe leaves vacant. This guy is a first timer too. I'll ask the newbie couple if they are interested in doing the cruise and I'll do my best to get my fat ass on the boat too! But as you said, we will definitly see you for the pig party on your houseboat regardless of what we do on Q-day.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!
  8. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    Nice jimmyjoe! What day do you arrive and what day do you depart? Perhaps we could meet up for a smoke if you'd like?
  9. lctricity

    lctricity Member

    Ain't nothin' like hangin' and partyin' it up with The Pigs, in Amsterdam...


    See all of you fine swine in about 57 Days!!!

    Oinkin' en de Grachten :cheers2:
  10. Strider '88

    Strider '88 Member

    Hi Mike...it sure was hell not going last year, but I'll be there ready to party this year....

    The boat ride two years ago was really loooonnngg....I remember leaving your after/party way to early and going home and sleeping the rest of QDAY night. (THe fact that I staid up all night on Qday eve did not help,lol!)

    Please count me in for the awesome party at your housebout. I'd be intersted in the cruise if 30 euros or less per person....the hard part is dragging myself out of bed on this day cause I always party till dawn!!!

    BTW, I think I said thanks two yrs ago when you sent the awesome picture, bu thanks again! The picture hangs in a prominnet place in my office for all to proudly see!!

    See you in two months!!

  11. mopperm1

    mopperm1 Member

    Hey Swines!, :piggy:
    Glad your going to make it this year Joe...we missed having you around last year. Weather wasn't as good as 2007 and it sure will be hard to beat that years queens day activities, but we'll give our best shot! Cruise will only be 3 hours or so....however long we want it and won't be over 30 euros. You can't tell me that our 6 hour cruise in 07 didn't fly by and was to much for you....lol....of course you were nursing a hang over. Gotta pace yourself on queens night Joe! lol
    Yo James! Nice to hear from you...looks like the final four will be at it again! I smell another houseboat party at your place...which day? Just got your bands new CD in the mail....sounds great! You should drag your guitar along this year.
    Jon...swing by the houseboat when you get in on the 26th!! Mike & I land on the 23rd....

    Hey Dennis.....your friends are more than welcome to join the cruise and party, but I can't see you missing a queens day cruise...that's wrong on a lot of levels!! lol :cheers2:
    See you all on the 28th....Mike C and I are going to the Jackson Browne concert that night and if any of you guys are interested....
    Remember...PIG MEET at 4pm at the waterhole on the 28th...OK with everyone? Peace Pigs!!!
    Mike O
  12. jimmyjoe1

    jimmyjoe1 toker Lifetime Supporter

    yea ill be arriving april 30th depart may 2d just 3 days :( my friends are in Adms for a rave they went yesterday 5th march they are having a good one 10 of them went . wish i was with them ,
    I will let you know whear i can meet for a toke :sifone: when i get sorted !
  13. yogibear

    yogibear Member

    Jackson Brown sounds great. Where is he playing the Melkweg, Paradiso or somewhere else? How much and where can I get a ticket?
  14. BlueBerry

    BlueBerry Member

    hey mop, its gonna be an awesome party on the houseboat again this year, last year was rockin' and rollin' with good times and fun. cant wait to be on that deck basking in the Amsterdam sunshine smoking a fattie chatting and laffing with cool friends.

    see all you guys soon!


    PS oh and Mop will you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE brang somemore of those tootie fruity chexmix thingies... i think they were called Tropical Mix (i cannot find them ANYWHERE around here!!!)
    pretty please

    3 Goobs
  15. ispica

    ispica Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hey Cats, great to see the thread back...can't wait to see everyone again and can't wait to chow down on Mikes fire hot peanuts! Any sign of MikeyMike or is he still on the "stop at the border" list?
  16. mopperm1

    mopperm1 Member

    Hey Mike C, Carrie and Jon,
    How's things treating you swine!
    Mike C: No fire hot nuts for you, but you can try my salty nuts!!! lol We sure will miss MikeyMike again this year and his mushroom finding abilities. Dennis misses him as a roomie! We'll also miss all the other pigsters that can't make it this year....Bill, Nancy, Alli, Chris, Christine, Mark just to name a few. Did hear from Dan and he'll be arriving the night of the 29th.
    Carrie: I'll try to find the tropical chex for you...just make it to the beach this year! lol
    Jon: Jackson Browne concert is at the Heineken Music hall, were getting tickets a few days before or that night at the box office. 46, 49 and 59 euros is the cost.
    Jimmiejoe: your more than welcome to join us for our queens day party on pig central houseboat....always a good get together.
    later pigsters.....Mike O

    MikeyMike 2006

  17. ispica

    ispica Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Maybe we need to organize an "Orange Squad" to decorate the Pig boat, maybe something loud and obnoxious, so that that when we are criusing around the canals people will remember us. How about a large 30 foot high paper machaƩ bust of Space Ghost, or George Bush...okay maybe nothing that ambitious...maybe we should all be naked and paint our bodies orange....that works....any ideas?
  18. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    Yo mopperm1 30e for a 3 hour tour sounds great! Sign me up plus my 2 friends (and hopefully johnyjoe too) please.

    Looking forward to seeing the gang again. Thinking about going on 1-3 day trips this year. Probably Alkmaar and Zanse Schanse (sp?), Haarlem and Zandvoort, and a trip to Den Hague and Schevenigen (sp?). Might be thinking about renting a car again and driving back to Belgium for a day. Let me know if anybody is interested in any of these day trips.

    Glad to hear I'll be seeing you again this year Blueberry. Hope all is well with you!

  19. BlueBerry

    BlueBerry Member

    i just had to go and mention 'basking in the sun'... altho that does go well with sand 'n surf, guess a beach day would also include the 'tropical mix' portion of the trip ;)

    woo orange body paint sounds kinda kinky ispica, and definitely the best way to get noticed, but mebbe not the best way to be remembered... as 'the naked orange pigs' lmao

    koop, looking forward to sharing a smoke, see you soon!

    Counting Down...

  20. d3kings

    d3kings Member

    Hi all!

    I'll be there for the festivities this year. Any room on the boat for more? Not sure if I'll be able to get away for the few hours but if it works out with the timing, I would be willing to tag along.

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