Quantum Optics Coming

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    When AI and optoelectronics meet: Researchers take control of light properties

    The big deal with this article, is they've finally figured out how to easily manipulate light at incredible speeds and multiplex signals the same way you would a telephone cable. The difference is, they are talking at least a thousand to a million times faster than anything currently on the market, and almost fast enough to take real time video of chemical reactions. In contrast, current optics and laser technology are still using smoke signals, and this is the big break the entire telecommunications industry has been looking for, that describes how to rewire the planet with so much bandwidth nobody has a clue what to do with it all. This system could use existing cables, but would be 1,000x more capacity.

    Computers as well, can use this system which is compatible with the newest Harvard plastic optical chips that cost $50.oo to make, and where this is going right now is anyone's guess, but you can be sure an optical computer up to a million times faster than anything today, will not be far behind. This was exactly the last piece of the puzzle they required to put all the other discoveries in nanoscopic optics and metamaterials together into a more coherent whole. The AI itself is run by optical circuitry and corrects shit as it goes along.

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