Quantum Chaos Established!

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    Qubits can sync if they have more than two possible values

    From the one came the two, from the two came the three, and from the three the ten thousand things. Lao Tzu

    What they've discovered is a fundamental new limit on how quanta interact, which suggests quanta can be conceptualized well in three dimensions as reflecting a simple metaphoric systems logic. This could be the connection required to make more sense out of the other recent discovery that cosmic whirlpools obey the Schrodinger equation, by also connecting it to the fact a black hole's temperature is proportional to its event horizon. In other words, they are slowly closing in on the same conclusion that I have, that Goldilocks rules the universe, because 42 is as good as it gets.

    Adrian Bejan has noted the visible universe resembles thermal stress cracking between layers, which, I believe, reflects the local and nonlocal quantum effects normalized over vast scales.
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    This has to do with quantum cpmuting right?
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    Take me to sick bay.

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