Pulling a 2 week flowering plant back into vegg?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by medicinalhydro2, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Here is what happened!
    I put 3 White Rhino mothers that were about 3 months old in the flower room. 2 1000 Watt HPS lights, Co2, etc,. I took plenty of clones to back up the strain right. Well, I had some family issues come up and my clones died. I friggin killed em by lack of attention. Fried em. I learned that trick from Tiedie! lol. So I took 1 of the mothers out of the flower room and put here on a 18/6 light cycle under a single 400 Watt MH. Can I do this? I mean I just did, but will she go back into vegg? She has started budding as she was on a flower schedule for 2 weeks. Her buds are pronounced. I have had this strain from day 1 and my goodness people, with a little training and fimming, she can kick out some serious weight. So yea, I cant lsoe this strain as it was a gift and the company that bred the genetics are unknown. I dont mind a setback with her as I wont need clones for another month.

    What can I expect?
    What should I look for?
    What are the possibilities of a hermie from stress?

    Thanks folks.

    PS. Meangreen,

    I love the FF ocean forest soil. Great for vegging so far as this is where i am with it. I am Getting organics down a little bit. I found that down to earth has Bat Guano in both a high N version and a high P version. So along with the Bone meal, this will make a great tea. This is getting easier by the minute. No more mixing and measuring chems. Whooooooooooooooooo Doggggggggggggyyyy.
  2. Anyone have any ideas on this???
  3. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    Nar you should be fine man, i put my weed in the vegetable container as well, it keeps it fresh!
  4. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    two weeks flowering is just fine to re-vegg.
    i mean yeah exxpect a little lag time, and those buds will open up and shoot lots of growth tips out of them. you shouldnt lose any virility or potency re-vegging a 2-3 week budded plant. ome strains can have a hard time re-verting, but chances are you wont have that problem.
    hey watch out for hermies with that hummerxhashplant, the outcrossing to the humbolt may have cured that. i have not gotten any herrmies from those, but the p-1 side im having problems with. the columbianxhashplant.
    outcrossing may have cured the hermiesm- please let me know if yours do -or dont hermie.i have a couple hundred seeds from this work i may plant some of soon.like about fifty on the next cycle,maybe let them open pollenate as they are a backcross
  5. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    hey when i fried mine if you'll remeber i was out of town.
    twas not a lack of attention.
  6. Ha Ha HA. Good point. I was out of my mind!
  7. Yeah it should work and revert back to vegg....
    But it may put your plant into a bit of distress or shock for a week,
    I know this has happened to me when I have taken clones that have finished growing to a sufficient size for me to take from inside to out side ...... but it fixes itself out.. it just means the plant with get a bit bushier so when the buds do for it will be more of a pain to trim up
  8. Oh and watch out for your plants getting to stressed out and reverting to hermies!!!
  9. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    i haven't had any hermies due to changing the light schedule, i think it is when you start adding other enviromental stress factors= excessive heat[guilty as charged-l.o.l.] humidity, irradic photoperiod [changes once a week or more due to power outtages or whhatever]ect.ect.

    get two or three of these factors going increases the rate of hermies im sure, but just switching from one schedule to another can be done more naturally in 15 minute incraments ,and it is a natural occurance as in nature and will not stress them whatsoever. changing from a room on 12- 12 to a room on 18-6 is not enough stress to cause hermies in my opinion, but may cause the plant a little discomfort because there is no radical lighting changes in nature.
    my current cycle is all stressed out from 'the borg'. but only my columbian pheno has hermied- got three of them out of there yesterday. they will have to wheather the storms on their own- no more will they find protection from the rain and cold. no more will that version be used for cloning or breeding; the mom and her girls are cycling the last time, outside .
    i have some outcrosses of the columbian or 'chocolate hashplant' some really nice ones from the indica pheno to the humbolt. i have a large amount of backcrosses to both sides. p1 and p2. so the next run will be me own f-1 varieties ,possibly unstable as hell. until i get an inverter and batteries and a backup generator-[ 5-6 k] im not spending cash on clones or seeds- just to have the power company screw me up and cause irradic photoperiods[hermies] 1630 watts of hps i should be getting my inverter from my xtras now though. grow your own, 'bush'.
    oh by the way my licence is already suspended.
    i bought an extra 600 watt hps instead of paying my warrents when i found out big brother was contemplating stealing drivers licences from med growers.my ol'lady freaked out because i was so mad. i was gonna be a good boy and pay my traffic shit off , i swear i was, then someone informed me that bullshit about our driver licence, and off to the hydro store i went, goin for broke with a 'beep' my warrants attitude.
    the ol'lady is still kinda freaked on me-now im lookin at stickin 6-k into an inverter system.l.o.l.
    im gettin mine while it's hot.
    lova ya bro-

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