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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by dhs, May 30, 2004.

  1. dhs

    dhs Senior Member

    I had the pleasure of spending a week there in March and I was a bit amused by the train system - seems that the enforcement for validating tickets was non-existent. Don't mean to deprive your country of important tourist dollars, but I was pretty broke at the time and simply took the liberty of riding the train everywhere I needed to go and never had a problem with being asked for validation. Do the locals do this too? Well, aside from the gazillion who ride there bikes everywhere which I think is fantastic.
  2. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Would you believe the Dutch believe in the honor system?

    Well sort of. They don't enforce regs 24/7, but on certain lines and certain stations they do on metros & trains & trams.

    On certain tram lines (the most touristed) it's difficult to even get your card (strippenkaart) validated at times, so a free ride is something the Dutch treat themselves to on occasion. And of course THAT is very Dutch, meaning they often rebel against the rules just for the fun of it (and to save a few guilders - what could be more Dutch?)

    Of course if you get caught it's like a 60 Euro fine. (or was that guilders?)

    Many a budget traveler has enjoyed free rides on Amsterdam's mass transport which is one of the best systems in the world.
  3. Lani

    Lani Member

    well it serves them right..its so bloody expensive!!!! grrrr
  4. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    No it's NOT! Metro, trams & buses in the city cost less than a Euro per ride (if you get a strippenkaart). That's cheap in my book.
  5. marko

    marko Member

    I agree with Skip - the tram service offers great value for money at less than 1 Euro for 1 hours tram use.

    True there is little enforcement on the tams, but be warned - if caught the fine is stiff - you were right Skip it is 60 Euro - and the Dutch tram man will always make sure you pay.
  6. dhs

    dhs Senior Member

    I definitely thought the public transportation was world class and of good value. The only things in Amsterdam that I found to be of good value was the transportation and the marijuana - everything else the way the dollar is trading was ridiculous. Having to pay to pee everywhere except in the sidewalk urinals - a small coke costing nearly $3 american with no refills, only having bottled water available at restaurants for the most part - cheapest beers in the pubs costing over $5 american - Amsterdam is EXPENSIVE. I thought NYC was expensive until I went there.
  7. moonshade

    moonshade Member

    when i was a student in rotterdam i always sat in the tram next to the stamping machine and when i saw the the people who validate tickets i quickly stamped my card before they stept inside. Lots of free rides and no fine :D In amsterdam this wont work in the tram i think.

    Another trick i did in the train was buying a ticket whitout a date and playing stupid. People think i am dumb because i have always a sleepy look in my eyes. Just play innocent and stay polite. If they dont come you will have a free ride next time. Never fined :) But this wont work when you buy a ticket at the counter.
    Another trick a friend of my did, but i have never got the guts for it, was buying a ticket with students discount. On a student card the student travels free and can take 2 people with him/her. Just sit next to a student and ask if you can also profit from his/hers discount. :)

    It was partly a way of saving money because its expensive anyway, and partly a very nice sport :)
  8. moonshade

    moonshade Member

    Amsterdam is expensive because of the many foreign tourists visiting. Dutchmen wont pay 5 euro for a beer. :)
    But it have gotten very expensive in compare to what was before the euro. Other towns are less expensive, and every large city has a coffee shop, only not as much as amsterdam.
  9. furball666

    furball666 Member

    yeah dam is expensive but i am sure you can find a place away from the center where beer costs 2-3e 0,5l like it's suppouse to in bars. anyway do it like we finnish do it buy beer/wine from local grocery store as cheap as you find it like 10 beers(0,33l) for 5e is nice (and very realistic).drink those beers and them buy 1-3 beers(o,5l) in the bar so you keep the alcohol up.

    or drink from your own small vodka bottle when no-one is watching.

    i think ill like holland since i am allso polite and yet cheap.

    i am thinking of visiting other cities than amsterdam to. it's just i dont know if i can find hostel or a camping site cheap enough for me in the other cities
    (wmonth in amsterdam 1 month around other cities in holland)

    i dont think i can bike with my backback on though that would be ideal traveling way. (perhaps i could tie it in the bike)

    ^^sry i went off topic. how much does the metro card for a month cost in amsterdam i am a student in finland do i have to show my student card or is it not good in amsterdam? i hope its not over 40e a month..
    is metro card allso valid in local busses and local trains/trams
  10. guest1234

    guest1234 Visitor

    They dont always check everything, just at random times so you can never know. Guess you were simply lucky.
  11. guest1234

    guest1234 Visitor

    On trains its 35 euro + the price of your ticket, not sure bout the metro.
  12. guest1234

    guest1234 Visitor

    You shouldve bought the coke at a proper supermarket, and they do have tapwater in restaurants they just refuse to give it to you untill you practically demand it.
  13. guest1234

    guest1234 Visitor

    Haha trust me, its not just you finnish who do that. Drink loads for cheap at home, and then just keep it up at a bar.

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