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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by drumminmama, Nov 27, 2014.

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    In the United States, it is a day of Thanksgiving.
    Nominally rooted in a story that is more myth than history, Thanksgiving has been touted as a secular holiday adding the halo of holy to the image of family; politicized as oppression of the native nations; and an excuse to slaughter a lot of turkeys and binge eat.

    Whatever it might be in your home, your community, and most importantly, your family, you can hold to your ideals and celebrate with others.

    This is geared to those with little to no control or input into the holiday meal. Especially the new vegetarians.
    No matter where you are on your journey, you will stumble. And you will pick yourself up, and it doesn't make you less dedicated to your path. It makes you exquisitely human and fallible.
    Forgive. Forgive your family, the world and yourself, and focus on going forward.

    Most of you will inadvertently eat animal products that you have forsworn. They hide. Even seasoned vegetarians get tripped up, especially on packaged food. And industry renaming of ingredients.
    Many of you will choose to be gentle with your family and try the bite, just one bite, that you will be encouraged to try. Because you will break your grandmother's heart.

    That's your choice, and you should not be judged on it.
    But if you pull off a critter free meal, be thankful.

    Either way, be grateful that someone has invited you into their home, cooked for you, wanted you around.
    That there was any food on the table. That you live in a world with plenty and you can choose what you eat, not have to eat what comes.

    Happy thanksgiving.
    I pray for peace and understanding in this generation,
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    Interesting vlog on labels and aspirations.

    I respect the enthusiasm, and I see his point, but I respectfully disagree.
    Maybe because I am older, and have shoes older than he is. (This is a joke, if you didn't get it, get off my lawn)

    Labels identify. If you are going to use an established descriptor, try to have it right, to a great degree. His example of the chocolate is fine. His example of sneaking off for KFC is not. There's a line.
    Sure, I placed this under my give yourself a break on holidays post, but I'm not advocating eating all the gravy, here.
    I'm saying the small slip doesn't redefine your intention and goal.
    So is Ted Carr, but he's talking about situations than can be controlled.

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