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  1. Preparation of Fresh Trichocereous!


    If you have a cutting that has a top tip on it, please cut off 3 in. from the top tip and plant in some common soil and sand, for the continuation of the plant species.


    Storage – Wrap your cuttings in newspaper until your ready to use. Fresh cuttings will scab at the ends leaving the juice contained within. Keep in a dark cool place. The defensive mechanism of the cactus will cause the mescaline content of the cutting to increase as it is stored. The cutting still retains vital life-force until we plant or prepare it.


    Mescaline is in the phenylethylamine class. It is an empathogenic hallucinogen.

    Dosage: 1 ft cutting = 1 button or 1 hit of acid.

    1ft = Entry level psychedelic. Good for a mellow trip. Nothing spectacular. If you plan on dealing with people in everyday life, this is a good hit. Good for mellow day tripping

    2ft = Verge of the psychedelic experience. Good for concert, club going, or hard partying. Handling yourself in respectable public will be difficult. Good for strong day trip

    3ft = Gateway to the Psychedelic experience. This is a good amount to take if you plan on doing some shamanic work psychedically. I would recommend doing this during the evening due to the vision inducing that will be taking place. Don’t forget the Sacred Herb.

    4ft = Shamanic Experience. At this level you will be meeting Mescalito!

    5ft = Full Blown Psychedelic Experience. At this level you will lose your Ego!

    Take your Trichocerous Juice 1ft at a time. I would say min 1 ft per hour. So you don't puke up all your stuff!!!!

    The preparation of the cutting goes as follows. De-needle your cactus by cutting the needles off in V cuts. Rinse your cutting with water then prepare for the next step. Cut your cactus into 3 inch cuttings. Take your knife and cut down on the cutting down the outer part of the green flesh on the inner part of the cactus. You should have the skin and the inner green flesh only leaving the white. 2 cuts should remove the sides and the inner part between 2 ribs. At this point you can go 2 ways. 1 is to put the skin cuttings in a food dehydrator and dry them for long term storage. 2 is to take the fresh skin cuttings and put them threw the vegetable juicer. You should get on the average 6 oz. of juice per 1ft cutting. The juice will come out all froth. Take the froth and pour it into a non aluminum pot or pan and bring to a boil. Allow to simmer and stir. This speeds up the defrothing and theoretically possibly increases potency due to a last minute plant material reaction to the heat. For sure boiling kills any bacteria that might have grown in the cactus. Mescaline’s boiling point is around 325 C, so don’t worry about cookin off the good stuff. Otherwise the defrothing takes a couple of hours, if let to sit on its own. Pour contents into 12 oz water bottles. This helps with the getting it down part for me. Make sure the juice has cooled to room temp or cooler. It’s easier to drink when it’s cool or cold. Personally I think it tastes better too. If you can’t stand the taste, try mixing it in with equal parts of V8 juice. Remember that it’s better cool/cold!

  2. The juicer method. :rolleyes:
  3. The dosage is off but I didnt want to cut up this thread fixing it.

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