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    Q: How do I make LSD? Can LSD be made from <insert common household product here>?

    A:Unless you have an advanced knowledge of organic chemistry, a good laboratory, and access to some very hard-to-get chemicals, you will not have much luck trying to make LSD. LSD is typically manufactured from some kind of lysergic acid compound extracted from botanical sources, or more commonly, from the pharmaceutical compound ergotamine tartrate, which is used as a migraine headache treatment. The stories about making LSD from moldy rye bread, Foster's beer, aspirin and Coca-Cola, or other easily available ingredients are simply internet legends that get repeated again and again. Not a bit of truth in them. LSD could conceivably be made from the seeds of some species of morning glory (which contain closely related
    chemical compounds), but the extraction and conversion to LSD would still require serious laboratory facilities and access to diethylamine, and other suspicious chemicals. If you want to see what is really involved in LSD synthesis, a good writeup was published in TIHKAL, by Alexander Shulgin. Available online at:

    Q: Is <insert drug name here> safe? How much should I take?

    A: NO drug is completely safe for all users, at all dosages, and under all conditions of use. Anyone who claims otherwise is misinformed or lying. Giving a suggested dosage for anything is risky, as people vary widely in their reactions to drugs, due to their individual biochemistry, level of experience, tolerance level, and dozens of other factors. Users should always sample a new drug at or below the low end of the published dosage range, to safeguard against possible negative reactions or overdose.

    Q: Do mushrooms or LSD cause brain damage? Are mushrooms safer than LSD?

    A: Neither mushrooms or LSD are known to cause brain damage. The active ingredient in mushrooms (psilocybin) is an extremely close chemical relative to the brain's own neurotransmitter, serotonin. Both drugs are remarkably
    non-toxic, with no known human death from overdose, even at ridiculously high dosage levels.

    All psychedelics carry a certain slight risk of long-term adverse effects, but these effects are psychological in nature (flashbacks, PHPD, etc.), not believed to be a result of physical brain damage

    Q: Does MDMA eat holes in your brain? What exactly is in those pills?

    A: Holes in the brain? No. This rumor started when MTV and CBS broadcast a “special report” on ecstacy, which included footage of a reported “heavy MDMA user” receiving a PET scan of her brain. The scan was shown to have large dark areas on it, which were explained as holes in the brain, eaten away by the effects of MDMA use. Scientists and radiologists quickly pointed out that the ominous-looking “holes” were actually artifacts of the imaging process, which can be made to appear in any PET scan by adjusting the contrast of the image. In short, the report lied, and probably knew that they were doing so! More on the “holes in the brain” myth at:


    What long-term, heavy MDMA use can do is to "down-regulate" the serotonin receptors in the brain, which can lead to depression and other mood changes. MDMA is not a good drug for daily or frequent use, but it will NOT "eat holes in your brain".

    As far as the content of “X” pills go, any pill is going to have things other than MDMA in it. Various other ingredients like starch, cellulose, chalk and other binders are needed to hold the pill together, and bulk it up to a reasonable size. There are testing kits available which enable the user to identify common adulterants in pills. The use of these kits is highly recommended, even though they are not 100% accurate, and give no
    idea of dosage of drug present, only an idea of what is in the pill. One source for test kits is:

    As far as active ingredients go, common cuts or adulterants include :

    amphetamine, methamphetamine (speed)
    ritalin (a form of speed)
    DXM (a cough suppressant/dissasociative)
    MDA, MMDA, MDEA (closely related drugs to MDMA),
    ephedrine, pseudoephedrine (decongestants/stimulants)
    and a compound called PMA (para-methoxyamphetamine), which is a dangerous stimulant which is
    responsible for many so-called "MDMA deaths".

    Despite repeated stories, heroin and cocaine are NOT used as adulterants in “X” pills. Heroin and cocaine aremore expensive per gram than MDMA, defeating the purpose of cutting the drug in the first place. Dealers cut drugs to save money/maximize profits.

    Heroin and cocaine are not very active when taken orally. You would have to consume a hell of a lot of them to get off, making such a pill a terrible waste of drugs and money. This is why heroin and cocaine are injected, snorted, or smoked, rather than being taken in a pill.

    As of this writing, none of the pill testing sites have ever identified heroin as being a component of street "X" tablets. For reports on what IS being found in street pills, check out:


    For lots more info, read the MDMA FAQ at:

    Q: Can you get high from drinking cough syrup?

    A: Yes. The active ingredient in most OTC cough syrups is Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide (DXM), a synthetic opiate which produces a disassociative effect at high dosages, similar to PCP or Ketamine. A few words of caution are in order here. First, use of this stuff has been linked to a particular kind of brain damage called “Olney’s Lesions”. The probability of damage depends on dosage and frequency of use.

    Secondly, the ingestion of the required amounts of most OTC preparations (a whole bottle or more of cough syrup!) can be very dangerous if they contain active ingredients other than DXM. In particular, overdoses of acetaminophen and antihistamines can cause serious or even deadly reactions. If you are going to try DXM recreationally, use a product containing ONLY DXM as an active ingredient, purchase the pure DXM powder from a chemical supplier, or extract the DXM from the OTC product before use. Before considering the use of DXM for anything other than a cough, you should read and understand the DXM FAQ, available at:

    Q: What is a “trip sitter”? Do I need one? Should I be one?

    A: I really wouldn't recommend that anyone take on the responsibility of running "ground control" until they are very experienced with their own use of whatever sacrament is being used. More than 1 or 2 good trips. More like dozens, with at least one "bummer" in the group, to provide some insight into what the novice may be facing.

    Check out section 7 the Psychedelic Experience FAQ:

    for more information on the duties/responsibilities of the "trip sitter".

    Q: Does < insert drug here> show up on drug tests? How long does it stay in your system? How do I pass a drug test?

    A:Most school, employment, military, and law enforcement drug tests are so-called “NIDA 5 panel” tests,
    which look for :

    Opiates (morphine, heroin, codeine, opium, prescription painkillers)
    Stimulants (amphetamines, methamphetamine, Ritalin)
    Barbituates (sleeping pills, Rohypnol)
    Cocaine (powder and crack/freebase)

    Some testers add a screen for benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax and other tranquilizers) and/or PCP

    LSD and mushrooms are not tested for on standard urine tests, although they could be if their use is suspected. These are complex, expensive tests, though, which prevents their widespread use.

    MDMA (and most of the other so-called “designer drugs”) shows up as an amphetamine on drug tests.

    Ketamine can show up as PCP, a close chemical relative.

    DMT cannot be conclusively tested for, because the body normally produces small amounts of DMT, and excretes it in the urine.

    With the exception of marijuana, all of these substances leave the body quite quickly, and should drop below the “cutoff point” on a drug test within 2-3 days or slightly more, depending on individual metabolism. Depending on amount and frequency of use, marijuana can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks to clear out of the urine.

    Drinking a lot of water is the best and most reliable way to increase your chances of beating a drug test. About a gallon to a gallon and a half a day should be enough (you can actually hurt yourself by drinking too much), with a quart consumed an hour or so before the urine sample is given Drink enough to keep yourself urinating frequently, and take a standard dose of a B-complex vitamin for a few days prior to the test. B-vitamins color the urine dark yellow and increase it’s odor, to cover up the dilution from the increased water intake.

    (continued in next post)
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    Q: I have heard that there are websites where you can buy marijuana or other drugs. Does anyone know a good one?

    A: Assuming that anyone actually knows one that is legit, they shouldn't post links to them here! Under US law, even providing an internet link to assist in the purchase of an illegal drug is in itself a crime. Could conceivably form the basis of a "conspiracy" charge against the website operator (Skip) or the person who posted the link. Fucked up? You bet. But it is the law here in the "Land of the not-so Free".

    On the overall question of Internet drug dealers, I would recommend that you steer clear of them, as they inevitably fall into one of 3 categories:

    1.) A "sting operation" being run by a law enforcement operation, looking to collect the personal info of drug users, or even as a "sell and bust" operation. Entrapment, of course, but then again we are living in Ashcroft's wet dream these days.

    2.) A ripoff scam. You send the money, and they send you nothing, fake pot, dried hemp (worthless), etc. What are you gonna do? Call the cops, postal inspector, or Better Business Bureau and complain that you didn't get the dope that you paid for? :)

    3.) A monumentally stupid individual or group who is conducting highly illegal activity over a traceable, increasingly surveiled medium. These guys eventually get busted, and their "customer records" fall into the
    hands of the cops. Once busted, it is not uncommon for the operator to "strike a deal" and continue to operate the site on behalf of the cops, moving him into category #1.

    No matter which of the above a site fits, do you really want to deal with them?

    Q: Do any of the “legal marijuana substitutes” like “Weeed”, “Hydro”, or “Ultra Wizard Smoke” actually work?

    A: Most of these products will provide a mild effect, but nothing like the effects of smoking even low-grade marijuana. The nature and duration of effects will vary , depending on what herbs are in the product, how
    fresh they are, and what quantity you smoke. Most of these products are very deceptively advertised, and either give no idea of actual ingredients, or refer to the constituent herbs by either “folk names” or scientific names, to make identification more difficult. Common ingredients include oats, catnip, damiana, lobelia, skullcap, dandelion, mullein, and cornsilk. Some of these might be a pleasant smoke, but the “legal weed” products are sold for far more than these herbs are worth. If you really want to try this stuff, buy the
    individual herbs from a reputable dealer, and make your own smoking mixtures. The herbs will be cheaper, fresher, generally of higher quality, and you get to decide exactly what you use. A good resource for making your own herbal smoking mixtures is:

    A few of these products contain Salvia Divinorum (aka “Mexican mint” or “Diviner’s Sage”). This is a member of the sage family, which can be smoked for a hallucinogenic effect. If used carelessly, this stuff can be quite dangerous if you use it while driving, or in other hazardous situations. Be aware that most people who manage to achieve effects from this stuff don’t like it. You need to smoke a lot of it, and the smoke is very hot and harsh.

    Q: What about the “Herbal XTC” products? Are they any good?

    A: None of them will produce an effect even remotely similar to that of real MDMA. Most of these are simple herbal stimulants, usually containing large amounts of a plant called Ephedra (Ma Huang or “Mormon Tea”), or it’s purified chemical ingredient, ephedrine. In large dosages, ephedra/ephedrine can cause heart problems, dehydration, or other dangerous side effects. Probably best to avoid these products completely.

    Q: Where is all the <insert drug name here>? Why can’t I find any?

    A: Finding some illegal drugs can be difficult, especially in an unfamiliar area. In addition, some drugs, particularly LSD, are only made in a handful of labs, and a single bust can put a serious dent in the supply chain for months or even years. The only simple advice is to look at places where likely users of the desired drug would tend to congregate (clubs, concerts, festivals, etc.), and keep your eyes and ears open. As long as you don’t look like an undercover narc, you will eventually find a hookup. Posting requests for a hookup in a specific area/city is a bad idea, and all such posts here are deleted ASAP.

    Q: How much does <insert drug name here> cost?

    A: This completely depends on geographic area, local market conditions, amount purchased, the greed of the local dealer, and the laws of supply and demand. The only consistent answer to this is “As much as the
    market will bear”. Street prices by region for marijuana and psychedelics are published monthly in High Times magazine.

    Q: Can you smoke dried banana peels or peanut skins?

    A: I guess you could, but don’t expect to get high from it! ? There is nothing psychoactive in peanuts or bananas.

    Q What are some good sites for drug information? Any good books?

    A: There are lots of good sites and books available. Some of my favorites, broken down by area:

    General drug information:

    Erowid Psychoactive Vaults: Easily the BEST drug info site on the web! A must-see!

    The Lycaeum: One of the oldest psychedelics sites on the web, with a special focus on plants and herbs. The LEDA search engine is a great reference tool.

    RxList: The place to go for information on pharmaceutical drugs. Drug interaction warnings, dosage info, pill imprint identification, etc. Next best thing to a PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference).

    Ask Dr. Shulgin Home Page: Psychedelic chemist Dr. Alexander Shulgin answers questions about drugs submitted by readers on a regular basis. Questions range from simple to complex. The archives have something for everyone!

    The Shaffer Library of Drug Policy:A fascinating collection of drug history!

    Marijuana/Hashish Related: As the name implies, a major web portal for all things pot-related.

    OVERGROW: The place to go for MJ growing information of all kinds. A great resource for medical marijuana info.

    Drug Law Reform:

    NORML: National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

    Alchemind Society: Fighting for the most fundamental of human rights—Freedom of Thought!

    November Coalition: Fighting the War on the War on Drugs

    Drug Reform Coordination Network: A great resource for anyone concerned with fighting the drug war.

    Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS): Conducts research into therapeutic uses for psychedelics and marijuana.

    MDMA related:

    DanceSafe: Promoting education and responsible use to the “Rave Scene”

    Bluelight: An online community for ravers and others.

    Drug Chemistry/Synthesis:

    The HIVE: The most infamous drug chemistry site on the ‘net.

    Rhodium’s Chemistry Archive: The largest collection of drug synthesis writeups and other clandestine chemistry information available on the web.

    Entheogen Extraction Procedures:How to get the good stuff out of common plants.

    Recommended books:

    Psychedelics Encyclopedia—Peter Stafford
    PIHKAL and TIHKAL—Ann and Alexander Shulgin
    From Chocolate to Morphine—Andrew Weil and Winifred Rosen
    Marijuana Reconsidered—Dr. Lester Grinspoon
    DMT, the Spirit Molecule—Dr. Rick Strassman
    Steal this Urine Test—Abbie Hoffman
    Storming Heaven-LSD and American Culture—Jay Stevens
    Licit and Illicit Drugs—Consumer’s Union
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